Summer Research Fellowships Programme

Summer Research Fellowships Programme

The Centre offers summer fellowships for two months to bright undergraduate and MSc students (renewable for a second year for selected students). This programme has proved to be popular and competitive; each year, about 5000 students from all over India apply for the 120 fellowships awarded. Fifty fellowships are supported by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, fifteen by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, New Delhi, and the rest by the Centre. Students are placed with research groups at the Centre or with scientists elsewhere in India. They are paid travel expenses and a monthly stipend of Rs. 4000. Selected students get the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research, and several summer projects have led to publications in leading journals. A random sample of projects pursued in past years is: Preparation of La0.5Sr0.5Co03 by Sol-Gel spin coating method; Study of correlated response to selection on faster development and early reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster; A study of the chaotic nature of flow in the neighborhood of vortices; Statistical analysis of fatal mining accidents in eight companies of Coal India Ltd. Many of the summer students of past years have gone on to pursue graduate studies and a research career, at the JNCASR or at another leading university.

Research Areas

Life Sciences: Infectious diseases, bioinformatics, developmental biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, life-history evolution, immunology, circadian biology, animal behaviour, behavioural ecology, population ecology, evolutionary genetics, experimental evolution,chronobiology,behavior.

Material Sciences: Including Nano Sciences

Chemical Sciences: Solid state chemistry, theoretical/computaional chemistry inorganic, physical chemistry and organic chemistry.

Physical Sciences: Condensed matter theory and experiment, statistical physics, semiconductor physics, materials physics, biophysics, nano physics, polymer physics, organic electronics, computational physics, computational material science, elementary particle physics.

Engineering Sciences: Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, flow of complex fluids, granular media, experimental fluid mechanics, thermal science, chemical engineering and physical metallurgy.


Atmospheric Sciences: Atmospheric boundary layer, near-surface environment, radiation, solar-terrestrial relations, monsoon dynamics, modeling


Science: Students presently studying in I, II and III year B.Sc., B.V.Sc., M.B.B.S., B.Pharma., and I and II year of M.Sc. course.

Engineering: II and III year of B.E. and B.Tech.

The announcement for these fellowships appear in the media and on our website in October/ November every year. At the appropriate time, application forms may be downloaded from here or obtained by writing to:
The Assistant Coordinator,
Bangalore 560 064.

Selected students are intimated by regular mail or e-mail, and the list is announced on our website, during the last week of February.

Additional guidelines for Summer Fellows placed in the JNCASR ONLY.

All summer students should inform the JNCASR well in advance about the exact duration of their visit. The Fellowships section will then request the appropriate authority for accommodation, and let the Fellow know where he/she will be staying.

In special cases where a student needs to visit the Centre for a period in addition to that covered by the Fellowship, the guide may send in a request to this effect. The Centre will try to make their stay possible and fruitful. It is important that such students should inform the Fellowships section about the exact dates of their stay well in advance. Only students who receive an e-mail confirmation of accommodation being reserved for them can expect to be housed by the Centre. The student should carry money required for security deposit, if deemed necessary.

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