Understanding Chemistry

Developed and produced by Education Technology Unit

Ideas, Text & Narration: C.N.R. Rao

Graphics, Collation & Presentation : Indumati Rao, Jatinder Kaur, Sanjay S.R. Rao.

Development: Jatinder Kaur
Professor C.N.R. Rao is the author of Understanding Chemistry. He has contributed the ideas, concepts, and selection of activities that are presented in this CD-ROM. This multimedia package introduces chemistry to students between high school and junior college levels.
This was the first CD-ROM developed and produced by the multimedia group. The main objectives of the CD-ROM are to introduce chemistry in a stimulating and exciting manner, to arouse the curioisty of the user and to generate maore than a passing interest in chemistry.
The modules in the CD-ROM contain all the topics generally covered in school syllabus but are presented in a simple interactive manner. It has six lessons, which are complete in themselves. The topics in the CD-ROM have colourful visuals, animations, movie files to facilitate understanding of difficult concepts. Each module in the package can be viewed in any order. Hotspots are provided which give additional information about a person, concept or procedure. At the end of the each module there is a quiz section which the user can attempt to test his/her understanding of the module.
The other features of this CD-ROM are notepad, search, help etc.
They can be viewed in any order although a sequence has been recommended by us. The following are the six lessons:

1. Chemistry in a capsule
2. Elements and the periodic table
3. Chemical bonds
4. Structures and shapes of molecules
5. Chemical Energy
6. Chemical reactions.

The topics covered under each lesson are as follows:
  Chemistry in a capsule
Man and metals
Atoms, molecules and compounds
Laws of chemical combination
Classification of substances
Carbon compounds
States of substances
Elements and the Periodic table
Early history of Periodic Table
Concept of elements through the ages
Arrangement of elements - Early attempts
Early Periodic Table
Mendeleyev and the Periodic Table
Modern Periodic Table
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Chemical Bonds
What are chemical bonds ?
How are chemical bonds formed ?
Ionic bond
Covalent bond
Bond energy
Coordinate bond
Metallic bond
Structures and Shapes of molecules
Understanding shapes VSEPR way
Structures and shapes of complex molecules
Hydrogen bond
Hydrogen bond and molecules of life
Man-made polymers

Chemical Energy
Chemical energy
Forms of energy
Stored chemical energy
Solar energy
Future options
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Chemical Reactions
Chemical reactions
Rate of reaction
Factors that affect rate of reaction
Simple chemical reactions
Electrolysis and catalysis
Chemical synthesis

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