Faculty member Research interests Contact Number 2208xxxx Website Email: xxxx@jncasr.ac.in
Govindaraju T
Associate Professor

Organic Asymmetric Synthesis, Peptide and Protein Chemistry, Biomaterials

2969 tgraju@jncasr.ac.in
H Ila


2714 hila@jncasr.ac.in
Jayanta Haldar
Associate Professor

Antimicrobial therapeutics, Drug delivery, Nanoscale design of functional biomaterials

2565 jayanta@jncasr.ac.in
Kanishka Biswas
Faculty Fellow

  Solid State Inorganic Chemistry, Thermoelectrics, Inorganic nanomaterials

2678 kanishka@jncasr.ac.in
Sarit S. Agasti
Faculty Fellow

  Programmable materials, DNA nanostructure, molecular devices and their use in diverse biological applications.

2628 sagasti@jncasr.ac.in
Sebastian C Peter
Faculty Fellow

Inorganic Solid State Chemistry, Nanomaterials, hybrid materials, Fuel cell, Supercapacitors, CO2 reduction.

2998 sebastiancp@jncasr.ac.in
Sridhar Rajaram
Associate Professor

2560 rajaram@jncasr.ac.in
Subi Jacob George
Associate Professor

Organic and Supramolecular Synthesis, Functional Organic Materials, Supramolecular Polymers

2964 george@jncasr.ac.in

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