Geodynamics Unit (GDU)

The paradigms in solid Earth sciences are essentially rooted in geodynamic concepts. The first of these is plate tectonics, the processes that underline the crustal evolution. The second is centered on the mantle convection that governs the planet’s internal workings. The third is the dynamical relationship between these deeper processes and faulting and earthquakes. Although these paradigms explain varied Earth observations, there are many unresolved questions on the linkages between geodynamics, tectonics and various other processes such as the evolution of climate and life sustaining environment. We focus on tectonic processes of the Indian subcontinent by assessing their role in molding landscape and environment, and their hazard potential.Understanding the relation between climate and tectonics are of considerable research interest, for which the Himalaya provides a perfect setting.We integrate various geological and geophysical inputs to gain insight into the tectonic processes and past climate.

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