Science Outreach Program

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research started a unique program - Science Outreach Program to bring exciting, inquiry based science education to high school and undergraduate students. The program is designed to stimulate genuine interest in science among high school and undergraduate students and to motivate the teachers to impart enquiry based science education in their classroom.

To achieve the above objectives, some of the methods adopted by ETU-SOP are:

ETU-SOP has designed and developed "College Chemistry Kit" for the benefit of P.U. Science students specially in rural areas and in places where laboratory facilities are not adequate. The experiments are designed not only to generate curiosity and interest in chemistry but also to complement and enhance the chemistry curriculum of undergraduate students.

The College Chemistry Kit contains a reaction plate, Pasteur Pipettes, Sample vials, test tubes, measuring cylinder, beakers, Glass rods, wash bottle, thermometer, Spirit lamp, LED, Battery, filter paper, PH/Litmus papers, tongs etc. along with 85 chemicals which are duly labelled and sealed. The Kit contains a manual describing the procedures for the general chemistry experiments that can be conducted using the kit.

ETU -SOP conducts one-two day workshops for P.U.Sc. /XI-XII Class students and teachers from rural areas. At these workshops students are taught to use the 'College Chemistry Kits' to conduct experiments and are encouraged for reasoning and asking questions. After the completion of the workshop, one kit is donated to each college/institute for the benefit of other students.

ETU-SOP had designed and fabricated 200 College Chemistry Kits and conducted four two- day workshops on "Experiments using College Chemistry Kit" for 100 Pre-University Chemistry Teachers with financial support of the Vision Group on Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka. After each workshop each teacher/institution was given one kit.

POCE: The program Project Oriented Chemical Education was started in 2004 and was developed exclusively for undergraduate students (in 1st year B.Sc.) to stimulate interest in science and to infuse creativity and to inculcate a scientific temper among them. During three consecutive summer vacations (6-8 weeks each year) they have an opportunity to attend lectures by faculty members of JNCASR, IISc etc. They are encouraged to "do Chemistry" in a well-equipped laboratory. In the second and third years they carry out a research work and undertake a project under faculty members and submit reports. On successful completion of the program the students obtain a Diploma certificate from the Centre.

Six batches (49 students) have successfully completed the POCE program. 19 students are doing Ph.D. (In India & abroad) whereas 24 students are continuing their M.Sc. Studies or have taken up teaching.

Those who complete the POCE program with outstanding performance are eligible for admission to the MS/PhD program in the centre subject to satisfactory performance in the interview and under this category, three former students of POCE program are working for MS/PhD in JNCASR.