The Chemistry of Materials Exposition

The Chemistry of Materials Exposition has a display of Panels, Books and Models of simple molecules / complex structures. The Panels on display are about 'What is Chemistry?', 'Elements and the Chemical Bond', Early Solid State Chemistry, Oxide family of Materials, Carbon in various forms, Various aspects of Materials Chemistry, Hybrid Materials and Nanomaterials.

The books showcased are some Early books authored by Prof. C.N.R. Rao on General Chemistry, Spectroscopy. On display are some books/papers authored by Prof CNR Rao on Solid State Chemistry, Superconductors, Nanomaterials and Materials Chemistry.

There are many models, ranging from crystals to complex superconductors displayed here along with samples of solid materials, samples of Nanomaterials and structures of Carbon materials like Diamond, graphite and carbon junction Nanotubes.