JNCASR has had a well-distinguished reputation when it comes to academics. But nonetheless its cultural life has also been extremely energetic and magnificent. To weave the threads of togetherness and cultural awareness, the JNC Cultural Committee has always been active since the birth of the institute. In 2010, it was named “Sanskriti”. Sanskriti is devoted towards the cultural enlightenment, as well as its commitment towards the JNC family for creating a better social bonding. It provides a vibrant environment to all the JNC family members and helps the young talented students in flourishing their innovative, creative ideas in all possible ways. Sanskriti serves like an arena to the students for expressing their cultural skills and at the same time preserves the the beautiful cultural diversity of the country. It offers a plethora of cultural events throughout the year, keeping the spirit of life high and magnetic.

Present Cultural committee members:

Aishwarya (EOBU)
Neelakshi (MBGU)
Neha CV (MBGU)
Parijat Banerjee (MBGU)
Rima Singha (MBGU)
Saloni Sinha (MBGU)
Somavally (MBGU)
Sreelakshmi (MBGU)
Srikkanth (EOBU)


Check out the latest Cultural Events and announcements through the following link