Guest Rooms

The inmates of the Students Residence can book the guest rooms in the hostel campus. The interested students are requested to download the guest room booking form given below, fill up the details and get the approval from a Student Representative and the Hostel In-charge. Then the students should get a stamp from the Main Security Officer and hand over the relevant portions to both Hostel Security Officer and the Hostel In-Charge.

The keys to the guest room should be collected by the student about 12 hours in advance of the arrival of the guest. The students are requested to return the keys immediately after the guests vacate. Due to the limited availability and demand for the guest rooms, a student can book the guest room only for 4 days at a stretch. In case where the guest rooms are required for stay beyond 4 days, it would be made available, only if there are no requests for the guest rooms, upon the completion of 4 days. In the event that extension of stay is not possible in the guest room, warden will communicate the appropriate decision looking at the situation. Students can look at the availability of the guest rooms in the booking register kept at the Hostel Security.

To download the Guest Room Booking Form, click here.


The online guest room booking facility is available here