Literary Club

It was Sir C.P.Snow, way back in 1959, delivering the Rede lectures in the Senate House of Cambridge University, who initiated the discussion on the breakdown of communication between the two distinct cultures of scientific enquiry and literary thought, which, according to him, was the chief hindrance in solving the major problems plaguing the world. We at JNCASR, taking cue from his talk and all the subsequent discussions that have hovered around the idea, have decided to constitute our own literary and Arts club. The activities of the group would mainly focus on discussing Art, Architecture, poetry and prose, along with occasional visits by luminaries from the field of letters and Arts who would share with us their experiences on how Artistic and literary thought processes are shaped by the evolution of conventional world view and in turn influence the evolution of the latter. The meetings of the group are tentatively planned to take place once or twice a month and the details of the venue and timings would be decided after each meeting.

List of Sessions and details:

1.  Prof. Amitabh Joshi, JNCASR: “The Life and Poetry of Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal” (Sept. 2010)
2.  Anjum Hassan and Usha K.R- Authors (Nov. 2010)
3.  Anita Nair- Author (Dec. 2010)

Bharath, Hari, Pavitra and Sarada