This year, the Sports committee has organized events on the run-up to Freshers' Day to involve freshers into Sports and also to serve a platform for freshers to interact positively with senior students. Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball and tug-of-war events were the sport events that were competed. A Sports Bulletin was also circulated to students through e-mail covering the events that took place. Sports Committee has decided to organize a TT tournament comprising of the top TT players(with wild card entries) of JNCASR soon. A similar plan about Badminton is also in consideration. These two sports TT and Badminton are the major sports of JNCASR since many students take huge interest in them.

The sports committee welcomes suggestion and criticism from students and students committee of JNCASR. Any further queries about Sports in JNCASR, just write a mail to



The following webpage will update you to the latest activities about sports in JNCASR.