The Sports committee of JNCASR comprises of a handful of students nominated by the Student Representatives every year. Sports Committee is entitled with the responsibility of conducting Hostel Day Sports events and also providing sports articles to students in their day-to-day sporting endeavors. The committee also works in coherence with Hostel office and it has Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana, CPMU for its guidance.

This year, the following five students have taken charge of the Sports Committee:

Aakash (MBGU).
Divyesh (MBGU).
Manjeet Chettri (NCU).
Sarika (MBGU).
Sunil Walia (CPMU).
Veena (MBGU).

Besides the regular monitoring of the Sports activities inside JNCASR, the Sports Committee also organizes matches between JNCASR and other institutes like NCBS and IISc.