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Located inside the serene campus and vibrant academic atmosphere of JNCASR campus, a Bangalore based premier research institution,the International Centre for Materials Science has emerged to take a leading role in the global arena of frontier research and education of the highest quality. Being a first centre of this kind, everything is being done to make sure that the centre not only fulfils its objectives but also creates new traditions in carrying out research, extension activities and international collaborations. The Centre houses spacious laboratories with state-of-the-art equipments, comfortable and functional office rooms, meeting, computer and conference rooms with video conferencing facility. The shared experimental facilities hosting sophisticated instruments are maintained and run continuously by expert staff. The centre has ongoing research programmes on Solid-State Lighting, Surface Physics, Polymers, High-Resolution Electron Microscopy, Soft Condensed Matter and Chemistry for Materials. In addition to carrying out innovative research, ICMS also organizes various seminars, schools workshops and conferences in collaboration with colleagues in JNCASR and elsewhere. The centre organizes an annual International Materials Lecture by eminent scientists from all over the world, and has many collaborative agreements and programmes with various universities.

The building, designed by Mr. Sanjay Mohe and Mr. Medappa of Mindspace, with its wide grand foyers, corridors, terraces, lush green lawns and gardens enhances the contemplative ambiance, and facilitates discussions and creative thinking among researchers and visitors. The architecture is modern, yet blends aesthetically with its unique natural surroundings.



  • Carry out in-house research of high quality in selected areas of materials science.

  • Promote well-planned programme of collaboration in research and education with important centres and individuals in India and abroad.

  • Provide opportunities to students as well as faculty through exchange programmes between ICMS and other centres.

  • Conduct discussion meetings, schools and workshops.

  • Organize Winter/Summer Schools on Materials.

  • Provide visiting fellowships to teachers and young research workers from other institutions in India.

  • Provide sophisticated instrumental and analytical services of the highest quality to facilitate materials research.


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