February 2016: FEL symposium and User’s meeting at JNCASR, Bangalore
October 11/12, 2015: Indo-DESY steering committee meeting in Goa.
September 15, 2015: Except for certain hiccups with the visa, which is being sorted out, we have had most of the participants able to use the beam times in May – November 2015 session.
August 01, 2015: All the reimbursement through ECS started.
June 15, 2015: Financial letters for all the proposal in the period June to November 2015 issued.
April 15, 2015: Financial letters were dispatched for the experiments in May and June 2015.
April 15, 2015: Fund transfer from SINP to JNCASR completed. Acceptance of the requests for financial support letter for performing experiments at PETRA III.
April 01, 2015: Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana, JNCASR, Bangalore will be the Coordinator of the PETRA III project with Prof. Milan K. Sanyal will be the Co-Coordinator.