Jayanta Haldar

Jayanta Haldar

(Principal Investigator)

Professional Career

2015-Present: Associate Professor, JNCASR, Bangalore, India

2009-15: Assistant Professor, JNCASR, Bangalore, India 

2004-9: Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


2004: Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India 

1999: M.S., IISc, Bangalore, India

1996: B.Sc., Presidency College, University of Calcutta, India



Mohini Mohan Konai


B.Sc. (Chemistry): Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal 2011

Joined as an Int. Ph.D student of Chemical Science (JNCASR) in 2011

Research interests

Development of antibiotics, anticancer drugs and smart drug delivery system.

Mohini Mohan speaks

I am from a nice village Kamra (Birbhum) in West-Bengal. I like to watch movies and sometimes playing Cricket and Badminton.



Paramita Sarkar


B.Sc. (Chemistry): St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata 2013

Joined as an Int. Ph.D student of Chemical Science (JNCASR) in 2013

Research interests

Development of drugs against Tuberculosis and tackling antimicrobial resistance.

Paramita speaks

I am a philatelist. I love listening to music and I love playing football and basketball.



Swagatam Barman


M.Sc. (Chemistry): Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, 2015

B.Sc. (Chemistry): Krishnagar Government College, Kalyani University, 2013

Research interests

Development of novel antimicrobial polymers for therapeutic applications and small molecular antimicrobials to tackle tuberculosis.

Swagatam speaks

I come from Taherpur, Nadia, West Bengal and I love watching movies and chatting with friends .



Sandip Samaddar


Ph. D. (Biochemistry): University of Calcutta, 2012

M.Sc. (Microbiology): University of Calcutta, 2003

B.Sc. (Microbiology): Dinabandhu Andrews College, University of Calcutta, 2001

Research interests

Protein biochemistry and biology of infection.

Sandip speaks

I come from Kolkata, West Bengal and am passionate about photography and literature. I also like music and arts.



Sreyan Ghosh


B.Sc. (Chemistry): Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan,2015

Joined as an Int. Ph.D student of Chemical Science (JNCASR) in 2015

Research interests

Antimicrobial Polymer and Polymeric Nanocomposites for development of antimicrobial coatings and multifunctional biomaterials.

Sreyan speaks

I hail from Santiniketan,the land of Tagore and that makes me an ardent fan of his philosophy. I am a huge fan of Arsenal.When I am not doing science, tabla and cajön occupy my world.



Brinta Bhattacharjee


M.Sc. (Chemistry): Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 2016

B.Sc. (Chemistry): Jadavpur University, Kolkata 2014

Research interests

Developing antimicrobial hydrogel, developing biodegradable and biocompatible hydrogel, injectable hydrogel.

Brinta speaks

I love drawing and singing . I love to watch movies, hanging out with my friends and not to forget trying out different cuisines.



Kathakali De


M.Sc. (Chemistry): Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 2016

B.Sc. (Chemistry): St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata 2014

Research interests

Development of drugs to combat antibiotic resistance.

KK speaks

I love playing various sports and enjoy watching tennis, football, cricket particularly. Not exactly a movie buff, but a feel good movie or a nice song makes my day. I enjoy venturing into different places and would love to travel all corners of the world.



Debajyoti Basak


Ph. D. (Synthetic Peptide Based Ion Channel): IIT Madras, 2016

M.Sc. (Chemistry): IIT Madras, 2010

B.Sc. (Chemistry): RKMVM, Belur Math, University of Calcutta, 2008

Research interests

Development of New Class of Glycopeptide Antibiotics for Tackling Drug Resistant Bacterial Infections; Development of Peptide Based Antibiotics.

Debajyoti speaks

Although I am from Bankura (West Bengal), my stay in Chennai for nine years has made the city my second home. I believe a chemist should be a good cook. I love to cook different cuisines. My other interests are listening to music and watching different documentaries.



Geetika Dhanda


B.Sc. (Chemistry): Miranda House, University of Delhi, 2016

Joined as an Int. Ph.D student of Chemical Science (JNCASR) in 2016

Research interests

Development of compounds to overcome acquired and intrinsic resistance in bacteria; Antibiotic potentiators; Antibacterial agents with anti-inflammatory properties.

Geetika speaks

I love watching television series and movies. I am not an avid reader per se but occasional reading illuminates my mind. My other interests include debating and poetry. I'm an ambivert who loves to explore the world. I believe in cherishing the little moments in life.



Rajib Dey


M.Sc. (Chemistry): Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 2017

B.Sc. (Chemistry): Burdwan University, 2015

Research interests

Development of multifunctional antibacterial polymeric hydrogels; Synthesis of small molecular antibacterial agents

Rajib speaks

I love playing cricket. I am a big time foodie. Music and travelling always rejuvenate me.



Sudip Mukherjee


B.Sc. (Chemistry): Jadavpur University, 2017

Joined as an Int. Ph.D student of Chemical Science (JNCASR) in 2017

Research interests

Development of antimicrobial membrane; Development of antibacterial polymeric materials

Sudip speaks

I am always up for any form of sports. When not in lab, I can be found watching Real Madrid games often.


Visiting Students