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JNCASR encourages and promotes the translation of research-innovation carried out in its different laboratories. JNCASR welcomes partnership from public and corporate R&D organizations in this pursuit of translating knowhow for societal benefits. The Centre fosters R&D activities that blend with its central mission of intellectual pursuit in select frontier research areas. Journey through various links on our website gives an overview of the activities pursued at the centre. A list of currently funded projects and consultancy projects can be found at this link. As per the recent survey based on the standard performance-indicators and parameterized by the quality scientific publications, the Centre has been recognized as one of the foremost research institute in the country. JNCASR tries to ensure protection of commercially exploitable novel innovations, through an Intellectual Property Management Committee which addresses all issues concerned with securing, maintaining, protecting and valorizing the Intellectual Property Rights. IP Management Cell: A list of Patents granted, Patent application and Technologies developed at the centre is available in this link.


The Committee also organizes lecturers and presentations by experts in the area of IPR to sensitize the research community on issues of IPR. Details of the patents, licenses, copyright, and trademark can be found in this link. The centre welcomes research and development organization to partner with our researchers in addressing important questions and issues in different fields of common mutual interest.

To explore the possibilities for collaborations, sponsored projects, contract and consultancy services, please contact:

Prof. K.S.Narayan
Dean, Research & Development,
JNCASR, Jakkur,
Bangalore 560064
Email: deanrandd@jncasr.ac.in

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