The Flow Cell is a platform for flow cytometry and cell sorting for research and training for the scientific community. This facility began to function in January, 2013 in the Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit (MBGU). It  is jointly managed by the JNCASR and BD Biosciences.


 At present, the facility has a BD FACSAriaTM III flow cytometer, a high-speed, fixed-alignment benchtop cell sorter. The machine equipped with 5 different lasers (488, 445, 561, 633 and 405 nm) is capable of multicolour analyses of up to 18 fluorescent and 2 scatter options at a time. The BD FACSDivaTM software assists in data acquisition and analysis, with flexible features which can simplify acquisition and perform automated compensation. Moreover, BD FACSDiva Data Manager keeps a backup and restores the database.



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Dr. Uttara Chakraborty [facility manager] e-mail: uttara@jncasr.ac.in

Prof. Udaykumar Ranga [faculty-in-charge]

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