Research Students (Current)

  • Tanumoy Dhar (August 2017, for M.Sc. (Engg); BE from Jadavpur Univ; LAST student)
    Project: ``Nonlinear Patterns in Taylor-Couette Flow via DNS: Molecular Gas, Granular Fluid, ...''

  •  Null

Postdoctoral Fellows (Current)

  • Dr. Sunil Bharadwaj  (1st February  2018 -- December 2018 ; funded by BARC project)
    Project: ``Experiments on Buoyancy-driven Flows and Turbulent Jets''

  • Dr. Ramakrisha Rongali (6th December,  2017 -- December 2018; funded by JNCASR)
    Project: ``Granular Mixtures:  Nonlinear Hydrodynamics and Boundary Conditions''

  • Dr. Saikat Saha (1st August,  2017 -- December 2018; funded by Indo-Dutch project)
    Project: ``Nonlinear Hydrodynamics and Rheology of  Suspensions''
  • Vacancy (August 2018 ---) 
    Project: ``Theory and Computations of Gas-Soild Suspensions'' [Indo-Dutch Project, 2017-2021, funded by DST (India) and NWO (Netherlands)]


Project Assistants

Visiting Students (Alumni)

  • Satoshi Takada (9 January -- 8 February 2014)
    Project: Cohesive Granular Materials
    Institute: Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan

  • Nicolas Rivas (21 June  --  1 July, 2012)
    Project: ``Simulations on Vibrated Granular Mixture''
    Multi Scale Mechanics Group, University of Twente, The Netherlands

  • Pascal Sleutel (14 July  --  12 November, 2010)
    Project: ``Granular Fluid''
    Physics of Fluids Group, University of Twente, The Netherlands

  • Kyle C. Smith (January -- June 2008; 8 January  -- 8 February, 2010; 15--28 August 2010; Doctoral Student with Prof. Tim Fisher)
    Project: ``Packing Algorithm and Jamming of Anisotropic Particles''
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, USA


    From left: Vijay, Rajaram, Priyanka, Bishakh and Ashish (March 2007)



    From Left (clockwise): Bishakh, me, Malik, Sourabh, Harsha and Snehalatha (2007)



Undergraduate Students

  • Zero

 Postdoctoral Fellows (Alumni) 

    1. Dr. Nandu Gopan (1st October 2014 -- 31st May 2018 ;  PhD in Physics from  NIT Calicat 2014) 
      Project1: ``Nano-scale Flows'' (Funded by JNCASR;  N-PDF (from April 2016 -- March 2018, funded by SERB)
      Project2: ``Taylor-Couette Flow'' (May 2016 -- December 2017)

    2. Dr. M. H. L. Reddy (July 2016 -- October 2017; PhD from JNCASR 2016; now Postdoc @ IISc)
      Project: ``Regularized Moment Theory for Granular Gases, and Shock Waves''
    3. Dr. Mahendra Shinde (15th October 2013 -- 31st December 2014 ;  PhD in Physics from  IIT Bombay 2010; Postdoct at  Univ. Erlangen Germany [2012-2013] ) 
      Project: ``MD Simulation of Granular Flows'' (Funded by JNCASR upto Oct 2014; funded by DAE-SRC project during Nov-Dec 2014)

    4. Dr. Virendra Kumar  (October 2012 -- August 2013; September 2013 --- May 2014 [NBHM Postdoc Fellow];  PhD in Applied Mathematics from NIT Hamirpur 2012; Assistant Professor @ Central University, Tamilnadu
      Project: ``BioConvection Patterns'' (Funded by JNCASR and National Board for Higher Mathematics)

    5. Dr. Priyanka Shukla (September 2010 -- July 2011; Assistant Professor @ IIT Chennai
      Project-1: ``Order Parameter Theory for Patterns''
      Project-2: ``Nonlinear Stability of Granular Convection and Leidenfrost Effect'' (May 5 -- June 25, 2011 at PoF, University of Twente, The Netherlands

    6. Dr. Satya P. Ojha (May -- October 2009; PhD from Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata 2009;  Scientist @ ISRO Ahmedabad
      Project: ``Experiments on Particulate Flows'' (Max Planck Partner Group)


 Doctoral Students (Alumni) 

  1. Dr. Sunil Bharadwaj  (August  2010 -- 12th December  2017; Thesis defended on  30th May  2018; Postdoc@JNCASR)
    PhD Thesis: ``Experimental Studies on Buoyancy-driven Exchange Flows and Turbulent Jet''
    (This work has been generously funded by the Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, Government of India; 
    Project No: BARC/MOU/260/2009/267 and # 6/15/2014/BARC/R&D-I/2865, PI: Prof. Meheboob Alam

  2. Dr. Ramakrishna Rongali (January  2011 -- 4th December 2017; Thesis defended on 2nd February, 2018; Postdoc@JNCASR)
    PhD Thesis: ``Rarefied Granular Gases: Correlations, Asymptotic Expansion and Hydrodynamics''  

  3. Dr. Saikat Saha (August  2011 -- 31st July 2017; Thesis defended on 21st December, 2017; Postdoc@JNCASR)
    PhD Thesis: ``Nonlinear Hydrodynamics and Rheology of Granular and Gas-Solid Suspensions''
  4. Dr. M H Lakshminarayana Reddy (January 2010 -- 20th June 2016; Thesis defended on 22nd September 2016; now SERB Postdoc @ IISc)
    PhD Thesis: ``Plane Shock Waves in Granular Gases and  Regularized Moment Equations''

  5. Dr. I. H. Ansari (June 2012 --  19th October 2015; Thesis defended on May 17, 2016; now Postdoc@IITKanpur)
    PhD Thesis: ``Experimental Study of  Vertically Vibrated Granular Matter: Patterns and Segregation''
    (This work has been generously funded by the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India;  
    Project No: 2010/21/06-BRNS, PI: Prof. Meheboob Alam)
    [Recipient of the ``Best PhD Thesis Award'' in Engineering Mechanics (2015-2016, R. Narasimha Award)]

  6. Dr. Ujjayan Paul (August 2008, for PhD; Principal Advisor: Prof. Roddam Narasimha; Thesis submitted and defended in September 2016; now employed with Bank)

  7. Dr. Priyanka Shukla (August 2005 -- 30th August 2010; Thesis defended on  8th February 2011; Postdoced at JNCASR and Univ. of Twente; now Assistant Professor @ IIT Madras
    PhD Thesis: ``Nonlinear Stability, Bifurcation and Mode Interaction in  Granular Plane Couette Flow''
    [Inaugural Recipient of the ``Best PhD Thesis Award'' (2010-2011, R. Narasimha Award)]

  8. Dr. M. Malik (August 2003 -- 20th June 2008; Doctoral Student from IISc Bangalore; PostDoced at NUS, Singapore; now ResearchScientist @ SUTD Singalpore)
    PhD Thesis: ``Instabilities in Supersonic Couette Flow''
    [``Best Doctoral Thesis Award'' (2008-2009), Department of Aerospace Engg, Indian Institute of Science]


 Master's Students (Alumni) 

  1. Prashanth Ramesh (August 2016 -- September 2018; Thesis submitted on ?? 2018)
    M.S. (Engg) Thesis: ``Experimental Studies on Taylor-Couette Flow of Neutrally-Buoyant Suspensions''
  2. Albin Prince John (August 2016 -- November 2018; Thesis submitted on ?? 2018)
    M.S. (Engg) Thesis: ``PIV and PLIF Experiments on Buoyancy-Driven Exchange Flows''

  3. Aghor Pratik Prashant (August 2015 -- 24th April 2018; Thesis defended on 6th July  2018)
    M.S. (Engg) Thesis: ``Pattern Formation and Anomalous Modes in Axisymmetric Compressible Taylor-Couette Flow''
  4. Ronak Gupta (August 2014 -- 15th November 2016; Thesis defended on 1st May 2017; doing PhD @ Univ British Columbia, Canada)
    M.S. (Engg) Thesis``DSMC Simulation of Rarefied Granular Gases: Hydrodynamics, Rheology and Segregation''
  5. Achal Mahajan  (August 2013 -- 5th July 2016; Thesis defended on 2nd September 2016; now doing PhD @ Univ of California San Diego)
    M.S. (Engg) Thesis``Two Problems on Driven Granular Matter: Poiseuille and Taylor-Couette Flows''
    [Recipient of the ``Best M.S. (Engg) Thesis Award'' in Engineering Mechanics (2015-2016, R. Narasimha Award)]
  6. Deepthi S. (August 2011 -- 31st October 2013; Thesis defended on 2nd January 2014; 2nd M.S. (2015) from  Arizona State Univ; now working in Houston, USA)
    M.S.(Engg) Thesis: ``Dynamics of Granular Poiseuille Flow''
  7. Ansari I H (August 2009 -- 31st January 2012; Thesis defended on 21st May 2012;  PhD (2015) from JNCASR) 
    M.S.(Engg) Thesis: ``Experiments on Vibrated Granular Materials: Subharmonic Waves, Convection and Segregation''
    (This work has been funded by the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India; 
    Project No: 2010/21/06-BRNS, PI: Prof. Meheboob Alam
  8. Vinay K. Gupta (August 2008 -- 14th March 2011; Thesis defended on 6th May 2011;  PhD (2015) from Techical Univ. of Aachen, Germany; now Assistant Professor @ SriRam Univ, Chennai
    M.S.(Engg) Thesis: ``Kinetic Theory and Burnett Order Constitutive Relations for a Smooth Granular Gas''
  9. Ashish Malik (August 2005 -- 14th August 2008; Thesis defended on 16th October 2008; PhD (2011) from Nancy, France; now  in Industry, India
    M.S.(Engg) Thesis: ``Density Waves and Fluctuations in Three-Dimensional Granular Poiseuille Flow'' 
  10. Bishakhdatta Gayen (August 2006 -- 6th September 2007; Thesis defended on 3rd January 2008; PhD (2012) from Univ. of California at San Diego; now Assistant Professor @ ANU, Australia
    M.S.(Engg) Thesis: ``Velocity Fluctuation, Correlation and Rheology in Frictional Granular Shear Flow'' 
  11. Vijayakumar K. Chikkadi (March 2005 -- 15th June 2007; Thesis defended on 1st February 2008;  PhD (2011) from Univ. of AmsterdamThe Netherlands; now Assistant Professor @ IISER Pune
    M.S.(Engg) Thesis: ``Particle Dynamics Simulation of Gravity Driven Granular Poiseuille Flow'' 
  12. Rajaram Lakkaraju  (January 2005 -- 28th May 2007; Thesis defended on 3rd September 2007;  PhD (2013) from  University of Twente, The Netherlands; now Assistant Professor @ IIT Kharagpur
    M.S.(Engg) Thesis: ``Studies on Buoyancy-Induced Open Flows: Plane Thermal Plume''


Project Assistants and Undergraduate Students (Alumni)

  1. K. Unnikrishnan (April 2014 -- May 2016; Project Assistant)
    Project: ``Experiments on Buoyancy-Induced Mixing Flows'' (BARC Project)

  2. Rayan Chatterjee (March -- 6th December  2013; Project Assistant)
    Project: ``POD Analysis of Jets and Plumes'' (DAE/BARC project, 2009-2013)

  3. Sanjay K. S. (USRF,  June-July 2012;  MSRIT Bangalore)
    Project: ``Experiments on Pressure-driven Flow of a Particulate Suspension Thorugh a Tube''

  4. Rohan Subbaiah (September 2009 -- June 2012; Project Assistant)
    Project: ``Experiments on Bubble-driven and Particle Flows'' (DAE/BARC project, 2009-2013)

  5. Arijit Hazra (September 2011 -- March 2012; Project Assistant)
    Project: ``Stability of Flow Through Porous Channel'' (DAE-SRC project, 2010-2015)
  6. Deepthi S. (April 2011-- July 2011; Project Assistant)
    Project: ``Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Granular Matter'' (DAE-SRC project, 2011-2015)

  7. Deepak Krishnamurthy (1st June -- 19th July 2011, supported by DAE-SRC project, 2011-2015)
    Project: ``Nothing''

  8. Shuvodeep De (Summar Tainee for DAE-SRC project, June -- July 2011; Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
    Project: ``Bubble Size Measurement Using Interferrometric Techniques''

  9. Murali Gopal M. (USRF, May-June 2011;  NIT Calicat)
    Project: ``Experiments on Particle Collisions''

  10. Saikat Dan (USRF, May-June 2011;  IIEST, Shibpur)
    Project: ``Models for Dense Granular Matter: Granular Solid Hydrodynamics (GSH)''

  11. Prajwal Rao (April -- July 2009)
    Project: ``Experiments on Bubble-driven Flows'' (DAE/BARC project, 2009-2013)

  12. Arnab Sen (Summer Trainee for MPPG project, May-June 2009; Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
    Project: ``Steady and Oscillatory Flows Through a Channel with Porous Wall''

  13. Navaneetha Krishnan (USRF, June-July 2008; June 2009; IIT Madras)
    Project: ``Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq Effect and Similarity Solutions for Natural Convection''

  14. Bodhayan Dev (USRF, June-July 2008; May-June 2009; Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
    Project: ``Cellular and Auxetic Materials''

  15. Priyamvada Goyal (USRF, May-June 2008; NIT Surathkal)
    Project: ``Yield-Stress and Thixotropic Fluids''
  16. Ashish Malik (May 2008 -- October 2008, supported by DRDO; October 2007 -- April 2008, supported by MPPG )
    Project: ``Patterns''

  17. Lalit Kumar (Project Assistant, September 2007; supported by DRDO; now Faculty at IIT Bombay)
    Project: ``Network''

  18. Rajaram Lakkaraju (Project Assistant, February 2007 -- July 2007; supported by DRDO)
    Project: ``Stability of Mixed Convection Flows''

  19. Bishakhdatta Gayen (Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow, 2004, 2005)
    Project: ``Instabilities in a Sheared Micropolar Granular Fluid''

  20. Columbia Mishra (Undergraduate Trainee, November 2005; M.S. at Texas Tech. Univ.; Earned a PhD at University of Texas, Austin)
    Project: ``Vibrated Bed''

  21. Swetha Mahalaxmi (USRF, 2004; Earned a PhD at University of Mississippi)
    Project: ``Segregation in a Fluidized Granular Mixture''

  22. Raja Kumar (Project Assistant, September 2003--July 2004; went to  IIT Madras)
    Project: ``Preliminary Studies on the Stability of Bubble-driven Flows''

  23. Piyush Sharma (USRF 2003; now `keine ahnung')
    Project: ``Comparison Between Two Constitutive Models of Rapid Granular Flows''


Collaborative Students (Outside India)/Former Members

  • Dr. Kyle C. Smith  [2008 -- 2012; Dept. of Mechanical Engg., Purdue University, USA (with Prof. Tim Fisher); Assistant Professor @ Univ of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC)  from  2014]
    PhD Thesis: ``Influence of Particle Shape on Structure, Mechanics, and Transport in Granular Materials''

  • Dr. Peter Eshuis [12 November 2007- 14 February 2008, Physics of Fluids, University of Twente, The Netherlands; Principal Advisor is Prof. Detlef Lohse]
    PhD Thesis: ``Collective Phenomena in Vertically Shaken Granular Matter''
    A part of Peter's thesis (Chapter 4) ``Buoyancy Driven Convection in Vertically Shaken Granular Matter: Experiment, Numerics and Theory'' was carried out with me.

  • Dr. Leonardo Trujillo (PMMH, ESPCI, Paris, 2002-2003; Principal Advisor is Prof. Hans J. Herrmann; now an Assistant Professor at IVIC, Caracas, Venezuela)
    PhD Thesis: ``Sur le probleme de la segregation des milieux granulaires vibres: Etude theorique et phenomenologique''




Santiago, Leonardo and Matias (May 4, 2011, Caracas, Venezuela)

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