Max-planck Partner Group (MPI-MM Bremen and JNCASR) Press
( Funded by Max-Planck Society, Germany )

Head of the Group: Dr.Meheboob Alam

Project: ``Erosion of a Porous Bed by Viscous Shear Flow: Topography Formation'' (2007-2011)

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Satya P. Ojha   (May 2009--;  PhD from Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata)


  • Mr. Arnab Sen  (Undergraduate Trainee, May-June 2009)
  • Mr. Ashish Malik (M.S. student)



  • M. Alam and A. Khalili (2008) ``Instabilities and patterns in horizontally oscillating particulate suspension''
    Physical Review E 77 041305 (1--13)
  • M. Alam and A. Khalili (2007) ``Mean flow and linear stability of an oscillatory particulate suspension''
    2nd Intl Conf on Porous Media and its Applications in Science, Engineering and Industry, p. 1-6
    (Editors: K. Vafai, A. Bejan etal; Engineering Conferences International, 17-21 June 2007, Kauai, Hawaii, USA)

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