The laboratory has evolved over the last twenty-five years. It has taken a path where contemporary problems in organic electronics, photovoltaics, development of techniques in microscopy-spectroscopy and bioelectronics are pursued in a creative ambiance. Students and researchers who have been part of the group over this period have defined the laboratory, And this journey continues…..
K S Narayan (for my details click here)

Welcome to Molecular Electronics Lab

“Molecular Electronics” in our parlance is a generic term for many things we do in our laboratory which include “Organic Electronics” , “Polymer based Photovoltaics”, “Device Physics of Soft Matter”, Fabrication and Studies of Field Effect Transistors, and “Bioelectronics”.

We use wide variety of microscopic, spectroscopic and electrical techniques to study a variety of interesting systems and devices.

Recent News

“Recent Advances in Organic Photovoltaics” Prof. K S Narayan speaks at FIMTA-2020, CSIR Summit (Webinar – 4th August, 2020)