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About Me  K.S. Narayan    (CV and details)

I am an academic researcher and a Professor at JNCASR.

After my schooling and undergaduate studies in Bombay, I evolved into an experimental physicist with interest in everything. The company of chemists and polymer scientists around me in my graduate school (Ohio State Univ.) and post-doc days influenced my thinking  and scientific parlance significantly. The laboratory which I set-up after I joined as the first faculty of JNCASR has a genereic name of "Molecular Electronics".  It gives me the license to think from molecular point of view about many systems which extend to super-macro length scales.  Part of my major obsession is related to energy solutions (in particular photovoltaics) using soft-organic-polymer materials. My laboratory is involved in every aspect of photovoltaic research(Design-Fabrication-Measurements-Analysis-Installation-Aging/degradation....). Of lately, I have also been learning the biophysics of visual systems and exploring avenues where I can contribute.

Specifically, my research interest presently is centred around  (Organic-Polymer) Electronic Devices - Physics and Applications. This research area spans a range of inter-disciplinary fields, which brings in the scope of innovation and novelty in many of the approaches in the laboratory. Some of the current research activities we are pursuing are in the field of Organic-Polymeric Electronics - with emphasis on Photovoltaics and Field Effect Transistors, Bio-Molecular Electronics, Soft Lithography, Nanodevices and Technology, Development of Near Field Microscopic Techniques.

The two recent applications of our research outcome which are of impact to the community at large is in the area of low-cost polymer solar cells and polymer semiconductors as prosthesis elements for retina with non-functional photoreceptors. 

PhD Studentship Available

We have openings for students who want to pursue exciting PhD program. Subject areas include Fundamental-Device-Applied  aspects of  Low-cost Photovoltaic structures, field effect transistor and all possible analog components based on polymers, organic molecules, nanosystems and solution processed semiconductors.

M.S/PhD Positions are also open for candidates with interest in Biophysics, Biomedical Eng. and Biomaterials for research problems involving interfacing sensory organs with the soft-analog devices.

The students are expected to be motivated, curious, willing to take interdisciplinary topics, with decent communication skills and work ethics. The candidates in general need to have good academic record with interest and maybe some skills to carry out experiments and measurements

For admission procedures and criteria for the coming semester, kindly look at http://www.jncasr.ac.in/admit/

For some specific questions contact: narayan@jncasr.ac.in


email address: narayan@jncasr.ac.in

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Contact : narayan@jncasr.ac.in Ph: 91-80-22082822, Fax: 91-80-22082766
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Jakkur, Bangalore-560064. Karnataka,India.






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