Faculty Members

Name: C. N. R. Rao (Chairman, Professor)
Email: cnrraoATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2761
Unit: CPMU / NCU
The group’s research centers on understanding various fundamental and technologically important aspects of nanoscience.The main focus is on the development of new approaches for the large scale synthesis of various carbon....Read more...

Name: T Govindaraju (Associate Professor)
Email: tgrajuATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2969
Unit: NCU
Our research activities are at the interface of chemistry, biology and materials. We actively pursue the design and synthesis of small molecules, peptides, nucleic acids and their conjugates based biomimetic systems and materials possessing well defined....Read More...

Name: H Ila (INSA Senior Scientist)
Email: hilaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2714
Unit: NCU
Small molecule heterocyclic ligands play an important role in drug discovery research, and can exert powerful effects on the function of the macrocycles that comprise living systems. For several years, our Group has been involved in the design....Read more...

Name: Jayanta Haldar (Faculty Fellow)
Email: jayantaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2565
Unit: NCU
Infectious diseases remain a major threat to global health, and are now the world’s biggest killers, causing over 15 million deaths per year. The threat is compounded by the fact that an increasing percentage of pathogens are developing resistance.....Read More...

Name: Kanishka Biswas (Faculty Fellow)
Email: kanishkaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2678
Unit: NCU
Our research is directed towards the solid state chemistry of metal chalcogenides, thermoelectric energy conversion, IR-detection, topological insulator materials and structure-property correlation in metal chalcogenide nanostructures.....Read More...

Name: Sebastian C Peter (Faculty Fellow)
Email: sebastiancpATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2998
Unit: NCU
The broad research interests of the group are focused on the synthesis and properties of novel solid-state inorganic materials such as intermetallics, chalcogenides and polyoxometalates......Read More...

Name: Sridhar Rajaram (Faculty Fellow)
Email: rajaramATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2560
Unit: ICMS / NCU
The control of stereochemistry is important in the synthesis of biologically active small molecules as well as polymers. Traditionally, this has been accomplished using chiral metal complexes.....Read More...

Name: Subi Jacob George (Associate Chairman, Associte Professor)
Email: georgeATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2964
Unit: NCU
The underlying theme of our research lies at the interface between synthetic efforts on p-conjugated systems and the organization of these molecules using supramolecular self-assembly principles, with the ultimate aim of developing novel functional materials....Read More...

Name: Sarit S. Agasti (Faculty Fellow)
Email: sagastiATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2628
Unit: NCU
We are interested in engineering small molecules and programmable molecular materials to address challenges in bioimaging and clinical diagnostics. A particularly exciting area is super-resolution imaging using programmable autonomous blinking of DNA probe.Read More...

Name: Prem Kumar Senguttavan
Email: premATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208- 2629
Unit: NCU

Name: Bani Kanta Sarma
Email: bksarmaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Contact Number: 2208-
Unit: NCU

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