New Chemistry Unit

The New Chemistry unit has been created by the Centre as part of the 11th Five Year Plan. This Unit will work on interdisciplinary aspects of chemical science. The most important areas that the Unit will concentrate on would be chemical biology and interfaces of chemical Science with materials. The Unit has excellent facilities for experimental work as well as computational and theoretical studies.

The Unit takes students desirous of pursuing research for the Ph.D. degree.

The following are the faculty members associated with this Unit:

Faculty Members

1. Prof. C.N.R. Rao, F.R.S. National Research Professor and Linus Pauling Research Professor (Chairman)

2. Prof. Subi Jacob George (Associate Professor)
Research areas: Functional Organic Materials, Organic and Supramolecular Synthesis, Supramolecular Polymers

3. Prof. T. Govindaraju (Associate Professor)
Research areas: Asymmetric Organic Synthesis, Peptide and Protein Chemistry, Biomaterials.

4. Dr. Jayanta Haldar (Faculty fellow)

5. Prof. H. Ila (INSA Senior Scientist)

6. Dr. Sebastian C Peter (Faculty Fellow)
Research areas:  Solid State Inorganic Chemistry, Hybrid Materials, NanoMaterials for Energy

7. Dr. Kanishka Biswas(Faculty Fellow)
Research areas: Solid State Inorganic Chemistry, Thermoelectrics, Inorganic nanomaterials

8. Dr. Sarit S. Agasti (Faculty Fellow)

Research Interest: Application of programmable Materials, DNA Nanostructure and other Molecular Devices in BioImaging, Sensing and Therapeutics




Associate Faculty Members

1. Prof. Swapan K. Pati ( Professor)

2. Prof. A. Sundaresan (Professor)

3. Prof. M. Eswaramoorthy (Associate Professor)

4. Prof. Tapas Kumar Maji (Faculty Fellow)

5. Dr. Ranjani Viswanatha (Faculty Fellow)

6. Dr. Sridhar Rajaram (Faculty Fellow)








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