Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

Message from the Chairman:

The Neuroscience Unit (NSU) is a new academic unit established in November 2014, The Silver Jubilee year of the Centre, becoming its youngest department. It comprises two core faculty members, Drs. James Chelliah and Sheeba Vasu and myself is its Chairman. Prof. Anuranjan Anand of MBGU and Prof. K.S. Narayan of CPMU are its Associate Faculty. The fundamental theme of this Unit is to study the various aspects of nervous systems.

In the coming years, the Neuroscience Unit intends to expand its activities in the broad areas of computational neuroscience, cellular neuroscience and mammalian developmental neurobiology. The Unit is also looking towards building highly advanced imaging technologies to investigate not only synaptic function and morphology but also neuronal circuit function, which will have biomedical implications. We are planning to achieve this by recruiting exceptionally bright faculty who are passionately engaged in neuroscience research and also enrolling the very best Ph.D. students, post-docs and project assistants in our unit.

Thank you very much indeed for your interest and visiting Neurosciences Unit at JNCASR.

Prof. MRS Rao,