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Shubhajit Das
Ph.D Student

I did both my B.Sc (2011) and M.Sc (2013) in Chemistry from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal & joined the group in August, 2013 as a graduate student. My research interest includes understanding small molecule activations in bifunctional systems. About myself………... Chemistry, Music and Football (read Arsenal !!)...... pretty much sum me up.

Abhiroop Lahiri
Ph.D. Student

I graduated in 2013 from Presidency College(University of Calcutta) in Physics (Honours). I joined JNCASR as an Integrated Ph.D student in the same year. I have completed my Masters in 2016. I am interested in studying linear as well as non-linear properties in quantum many body systems using Exact Diagonalization, Density Matrix Renormalization Group and Variational Monte Carlo techniques. I cannot survive without oxygen or Music... Photography and painting are my hobbies too.

Neha Bothra
Ph.D student

I've completed my M.Sc from Burdwan University & I joined JNCASR as a Ph.D student in 2015.

Raju Kumar Biswas
Ph.D Student

I completed my B.Sc from North Bengal University, West Bengal(2013) in physics and M.Sc. from Pune University, Maharashtra(2015). I joined JNCASR as a Ph.D. student(August,2016). My research interest is to study Theoretical understanding of Many Body Theory. Besides I like to watch Movies and sometimes playing Cricket and Table Tennis. I also like to explore new places around the globe.

Madhulika Mazumder
M.S. Student

After graduating in B.Sc. Chemistry Hons. from Lady Brabourne College (University of Calcutta) in 2015 I joined JNCASR as an Integrated Ph.D student in August 2015. My research interests primarily revolve around optoelectronic and magnetoelectric properties of both periodic and molecular systems, using pure and correction-assisted Density Functional Theory. Creativity is an all-time mood-lifter. Composing music on my keyboard, writing and exploring new places and cuisines rejuvenate me from my routine.

Arkamita Bandyopadhyay
Post-Doctoral Fellow

I passed B. Sc. in Chemistry from Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal and joined JNCASR in 2010 as an Int.Ph.D student in Chemical Sciences. My research Interest is understanding electronic, optical and charge transfer properties of graphene, inorganic graphitic materials and organic molecules. I am addicted to story books and I enjoy singing and writing.

K. Navamani
Post-Doctoral Fellow

I did Ph.D. in Physics (October 2015) from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. My contributions are: density flux model on hopping conductivity, disorder dependent energy level gap and forth-back oscillated carrier motion via diffusion. Current research is modelling the charge carrier mobilities in two and quasi-two dimensional semiconductors through Electron-Phonon-Wannier (EPW) methods. I love nature, wondering about Physics and I usually listen to Carnatic music to sink into an ideal state...!

Sukanta Mondal
National Post-Doctoral Fellow

After receiving my Ph.D degree from IIT Kharagpur (2015), I spent one year as a Post-Doctotoral Research Associate at CINVESTAV Merida, Mexico. Currently I am working as a National Post-Doctoral Fellow on the photo-catalytic activity of faceted anatase (a DST-SERB project), as well as on the bonding and aromaticity of different molecular systems.

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