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  1. A R Rajamani, P C Ashly, Lakshay Dheer, Saurav Ch Sarma, Sumanta Sarkar, Umesh V Waghmare and Sebastian C Peter, Synergetic Effect of Ni Substituted Pd2Ge Ordered Intermetallic Nanocomposites for Efficient Electrooxidation of Ethanol in Alkaline Media, ACS Applied Energy Materials (2019). In Press.

  2. C K Sumesh and Sebastian C Peter, Two-dimensional semiconductor transition metal based chalcogenide based heterostructures for water splitting applications, Dalton Trans (2019). In Press.

  3. Savitha Satyanarayana, Saurav Ch Sarma, Sebastian C Peter, Sarbari Bhattacharya and , Magnetic characterization of nano-sized terbium doped bismuth ferrite synthesized by sol-gel method, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 491, 165571 - 165576 (2019).

  4. Ramesh, P. and Meheboob Alam, Interpenetrating spirals in suspension Taylor-Couette flow, (2019).

  5. S. Ghosh, N. Barman, M. Mazumder, Swapan K Pati, G. Rousse and P. Senguttuvan, High Capacity and High Rate NASICON-Na3.75 V1.25 Mn0.75 (PO4)3 Cathode for Na-ion Batteries via Modulating Electronic and Crystal Structure, Submitted, (2019).

  6. A. Chiring, M. Mazumder, Swapan K Pati, C. Johnson and P. Senguttuvan, Unraveling the Formation Mechanism of NaCoPO4 Polymorphs, Submitted, (2019).

  7. Debabrata Dhara, Shubhajit Das, Swapan K Pati, David Scheschkewitz, Vadapalli Chandrasekhar and Anukul Jana,  NHC-Coordinated Diphosphene Stabilized Gold(I) Hydride and its Reversible Conversion to Gold(I) Formate with CO2, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed (2019).

  8. K. Navamani, Swapan K Pati and K. Senthilkumar, Site Energy Fluctuation on Charge Transport in Disordered Organic Molecules,Submitted, (2019).

  9. Paribesh Acharyya, Shidaling Matteppanavar, Tanmoy Ghosh, Raju K Biswas, Premakumar Yanda, Srinivasa R Varanasi, Dirtha Sanyal, A Sundaresan, Swapan K Pati and Kaniskha Biswas, Broadband Colossal Dielectric Constant in the Superionic Halide RbAg4I5: Role of Inter-cluster Ag+ Diffusion,Submitted  , (2019).

  10. Shubhajit Roychowdhury, Raju K. Biswas, Moinak Dutta, Swapan K Pati and Kaniskha Biswas, Phonon Localization and Entropy-Driven Points Defects Lead to Ultralow Thermal Conductivity and Enhanced Thermolelectric Performence in (SnTe)1-2x(SnSe)x(SnS)x, ACS Energy Lett. 4, 1658 - 1662 (2019).

  11. Gupta, R. and Meheboob Alam, Poiseuille flow of a dilute binary granular mixture: hydrodynamics and segregation, Granular Matter 21, (2019). In Press.

  12. Nimish Dwarkanath, Sourav Palchowdhury and S. Balasubramanian, Unraveling the Sorption Mechanism of CO2 in a Molecular Crystal without Intrinsic Porosity (weblink), J. Phys. Chem. B 123, 7471 - 7481 (2019).

  13. Premakumar Yanda, N. V. Ter-Oganessian and A. Sundaresan, Linear Magnetoelectric Effect in Antiferromagnetic Sm2BaCuO5, Phys. Rev. B 100, 104417 - 104420 (2019).

  14. Chandan De, Rabindranath Bag, Surjeet Singh and A. Sundaresan, Multiferroic memory effect far above Neel temperature in single crystal Gd0.5Dy0.5MnO3, Phys. Rev. B 100, 104407 - 104412 (2019).

  15. P. K. Samanta, M. Alam, R. Misra and Swapan K Pati, Tuning of hyperpolarizability, one- and two-photon absorption of acceptor and donor-acceptor-acceptor-type intramolecular charge Transfer-based sensors, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2019).

  16. Sukanya Ghosh, Nisha Mammen and Shobhana Narasimhan, A Descriptor for the Efficacy of Aliovalent Doping of Oxides and Its Application for the Charging of Supported Au Clusters, J. Phys. Chem. C (2019). In Press.

  17. Cynthia Fourmental, Sourav Mondal, Rajdeep Banerjee, A. Bellec, Y. Garreau, A. Coati, C. Chacon, Y. Girard, J. Lagoute, S. Rousset, M.-L. Boillot, T. Mallah, C. Enachescu, C. Barreteau, Y. Dappe, A. Smogunov, Shobhana Narasimhan and V. Repain, Importance of Epitaxial Strain at a Spin-Crossover Molecule–Metal Interface, J Phys Chem Lett 10, 4103 - 4109 (2019).

  18. Devina Sharma, Gaurav Gautam and Shobhana Narasimhan, A simple descriptor for binding at charge transfer at blue phosphorene - metal interfaces, Applied Surface Science 492, 16 - 22 (2019).

  19. Badri Vishal, Sharona Horta, Usha Bhat, Abhishek Paul, M. B. Sreedhara, Rajaji Vincent, Saurav Ch. Sarma, Chandrabhas Narayana, Sebastian C. Peter, Ranjan Datta and , Growth of ReS2 thin films by pulsed laser deposition, Thin Solid Films (2019). In Press.

  20. Sonu K P, Sushmitha Vinikumar, Shikha Dhiman, George S J and Eswaramoorthy M, Bio-inspired temporal regulation of ion-transport in nanochannels, Nanoscale Advances 1, 1847 - 1852 (2019).

  21. Gond R, Dheeraj K S, Eswaramoorthy M and Barpanda P, Sodium Cobalt Metaphosphate as an Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalyst in Alkaline Solution, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 58, 1 - 6 (2019).

  22. B Vishal, H Sharona, U Bhat, A Paul, MB Sreedhara, V Rajaji, SC Sarma, Chandrabhas Narayana, Sebastian C Peter and Ranjan Datta, Growth of ReS2 thin films by pulsed laser deposition, Thin Solid Films (2019). In Press.

  23. M Kanagaraj, Amit Pawbake, Saurav Ch Sarma, V Rajaji, Chandrabhas Narayana, Marie-Aude Measson and Sebastian C Peter, Structural, magnetotransport and Hall coefficient studies in ternary Bi2Te2Se, Sb2Te2Se and Bi2Te2S tetradymite topological insulating compounds, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 794, 195 - 202 (2019).

  24. V. Rajaji, Raagya Arora, Saurav Ch. Sarma, B. Joseph, Sebastian C. Peter, Umesh V. Waghmare and Chandrabhas Narayana, Phonon signatures of multiple topological quantum phase transitions in compressed TlBiS2: A combined experimental and theoretical study, Physical Review B 99, 184109 (2019).

  25. V Rajaji, S Janaky, Saurav Ch. Sarma, Sebastian C Peter and Chandrabhas Narayana, Pressure induced topological and structural phase transitions in 1T-TiSe2: a Raman study, Journal of Physics: Condense Matter 31, 65401 (2019).

  26. Amit Pawbake, Christophe Bellin, Lorenzo Paulatto, Keevin Beneut, Johan Biscaras, Chandrabhas Narayana, Dattatray J. Late and Abhay Shukla, Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in Germanium Telluride: Raman Signatures of Anharmonicity and Oxidation, Physical Review Letters 122, 145701 (2019).

  27. Deepak P. Dubal, Kolleboyina Jayaramulu, Janaky Sunil, Stepan Kment, Pedro Gomez-Romero, Chandrabhas Narayana, Radek Zboril and Roland A. Fischer, Metal–Organic Framework (MOF) Derived Electrodes with Robust and Fast Lithium Storage for Li-Ion Hybrid Capacitors, Advanced Functional Materials 29, 190053 (2019).

  28. For complete list of publications, kindly see google scholar :, (2019).

  29. Sutapa Roy, Arabinda Bera, Suman Majumder and Subir K. Das, Aging phenomena during phase separation in fluids: decay of autocorrelation for vapor–liquid transitions, Soft Matter 15, 4743 - 4750 (2019).

  30. Sahil Tippireddy, Prem Kumar D. S., Anirudha Karati, Anbalagan Ramakrishnan, Shreya Sarkar, Sebastian C. Peter, P. Malar, Kuei-Hsien Chen, B. S. Murty and Ramesh Chandra Mallik, The Effect of Sn Substitution on the Thermoelectric Properties of Synthetic Tetrahedrite, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2019). In Press.

  31. Jemini Jose, A. R. Rajamani, Anandaram Sreekanth, Sujin P Jose, Sebastian C. Peter and Sreeja P. B., Photophysical and Electrochemical Studies of Anchored Chromium (III) Complex on Reduced Graphene Oxide via Diazonium Chemistry, Applied Organometallic Chemistry (2019). In Press.

  32. Durga Sankar Vavilapalli, Ambrose A. Melwin, Kavita S., A. K. Yadav, S. N. Jha, D. Bhattacharyya, Saurav Ch. Sarma, Sebastian C. Peter and Shubra Singh, Multifunctional brownmillerite KBiFe2O5: Structural, magento-dielectric, optical, photoelectrochemical studies and enhanced photocatalytic activity over perovskite BiFeO3, Journal of Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 200, 109940 - 109945 (2019).

  33. Sankaran Esakki Muthu, Daniel Braithwaite, Bernard Salce, Sonachalam Arumugam, L. Govindaraj, Moorthi Kanagaraj, Sumanta Sarkar and Sebastian C. Peter, Calorimetric study on EuCoGe3 and EuRh2In8 under pressure, J. Phy. Soc. Japan (2019). In Press.

  34. Gopan, N. and Meheboob Alam, Symmetry-breaking bifurcations and hysteresis in compressible Taylor-Couette flow: a molecular dynamics study, (2019).

  35. V Rajaji, Raagya Arora, Saurav Ch. Sarma, Boby Joseph, Umesh V. Waghmare, Sebastian C. Peter and Chandrabhas Narayana, Phonon signatures of multiple topological quantum phase transitions in compressed TlBiS2: A combined experimental and theoretical study, Phys. Rev. B (2019). In Press.

  36. Utsav Kumar Dey, Nabadyuti Barman, Shubham Ghosh, Shreya Sarkar, Sebastian C. Peter and premkumar Senguttuvan, Topochemical Bottom-Up Synthesis of 2D-and 3D-Sodium Iron Fluoride Frameworks, Chem. Mater. 31, 295 - 299 (2019).

  37. Shivani Boodram, Soumyabrata Roy, Nadia Singh, Richard A. Fairman, Sebastian C. Peter and Varma H rambaran, Investigations into an Intramolecular Proton Transfer and Solvent Dependent Acid‐Base Equilibria in 2, 6‐Pyridine Diacetic Acid, Chemistry Select 4, 4301 - 4307 (2019).

  38. M. Kanagaraj, Amit Pawbake, Saurav Ch. Sarma, V Rajaji, Chandrabhas Narayana, Marie-Aude Measson and Sebastian C. Peter, Structural, magnetotransport and Hall coefficient studies in ternary Bi2Te2Se, Sb2Te2Se and Bi2Te2S tetradymite topological insulating compounds, J. Alloys Compd. (2019). In Press.

  39. P. Mani, A. Bandyopadhyay, P. K. Mukharjee, R. C. Nath, Swapan K Pati and S. Mandal, Long-Range Ferromagnetism in Nickel Based Hybrid Structure with Semiconductor Behavior, Chem. Commun 55, 5211 - 5214 (2019).

  40. Suman Yadav, Indranil Dutta, Sayantani Saha, Shubhajit Das, Swapan K Pati and Jitendra Bera, An Efficient Catalyst for Chemo- and Stereoselective Semihydrogenation of Both Internal and Terminal Alkynes,Submitted, (2019).

  41. Debabrata Dhara, Shubhajit Das, Pankaj Kalita, Avijit Maiti, Swapan K Pati, David Scheschkewitz, Vadapalli Chandrasekhar and Anukul Jana, Influence of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes (NHCs) on the Hydrolysis of a Diphosphene,Submitted, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed (2019). In Press.

  42. P. Pramanik, S. Ghosh, P. Yanda, D. C. Joshi, S. Pittala, A. Sundaresan, P. K. Mishra, S. Thota and M. S. Seehra, Magnetic ground state, field-induced transitions, electronic structure, and optical band gap of the frustrated antiferromagnet GeCo2O4, Phys. Rev. B 99, 134422 - 134434 (2019).

  43. Meheboob Alam and Saha, S., Generalized Fourier law and anisotropic, asymmetric conductivity tensors in a sheared dilute granular gas, (2019).

  44. Aghor, P and Meheboob Alam, Multi-roll transition and anomalous vortices in axisymmetric compressible Taylor-Couette flow, (2019).

  45. Saha, S. and Meheboob Alam, Nonlinear 14-moment theory for dense granular and gas-solid suspensions: from Burnett to Navier-Stokes order, (2019).

  46. Saha, S. and Meheboob Alam, Burnett-order constitutive relations,  second-moment anisotropy and  co-existing states in sheared dense gas-solid suspensions, (2019).

  47. Rongali, R and Meheboob Alam,   Higher-order nonlinear moment theory for a binary granular gas, Physical Review E (2019).

  48. Abhijit Sen, Diptikanta Swain, T. N. Guru Row and A. Sundaresan, Unprecedented 30 K Hysteresis across Switchable Dielectric and Magnetic Properties in a Bright Luminescent Organic-Inorganic Halide (CH6N3)2MnCl4, J. Mater. Chem. C 4838 - 4845 (2019).

  49. Divya B. Korlepara , Will R. Henderson, Ronald K. Castellano and S. Balasubramanian, Differentiating the Mechanism of Self-Assembly in Supramolecular Polymers through Computation (weblink), Chemical Communications 55, 3773 - 3776 (2019).

  50. Chandan De, Rabindranth Bag, Surjeet Singh, Fabio Orlandi, Pascal Manuel, Sean Langridge, Milan K Sanyal, C. N. R. Rao, Maxim Mostovoy and A. Sundaresan, Highly tunable magnetic spirals and electric polarization in Gd0.5Dy0.5O3, Phys. Rev. Mat. 03, 044401 - 044410 (2019).

  51. Nalina Vadakkayil, Saikat Chakraborty and Subir K. Das, Fiinite-size scaling study of aging during coarsening in non-conserved Ising model: The case of zero temperature quench, Journal of Chemical Physics 150, 054702 (2019).

  52. Paribesh Acharyya, Provas Pal, Pralok K. Samanta, Arka Sarkar , Swapan K Pati and Kanishka Biswas, Single pot synthesis of indirect band gap 2D CsPb2Br5 nanosheets from direct band gap 3D CsPbBr3 nanocrystals and the origin of their luminescence properties, Nanoscale 11, 4001 - 4007 (2019).

  53. Melanie Legrand, Priya Jaitly, Adeline Feri, Christophe Denfert^ and Kaustuv Sanyal^, Candida albicans: an emerging yeast model to study eukaryotic genome plasticity, Trends in Genetics (2019). In Press.,

      ^corresponding author

  54. Neha Varshney, Subhendu Som*, Saptarshi Chatterjee*, Shreyas Sridhar, Dibyendu Bhattacharyya, Raja Paul^ and Kaustuv Sanyal^, Spatio-temporal regulation of nuclear division by Aurora kinase B Ipl1 in Cryptococcus neoformans, PLoS Genetics (2019). In Press.,

     *equally contributed

    ^ corresponding author

  55. V. Rajaji, S. Janaky, S. C. Sarma, S. C. Peter and S. C. Peter, Pressure induced topological and structural phase transitions in 1T-TiSe2: A Raman study, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 31, 165401 - 165404 (2019).

  56. Prashant Kumar, Jing Liu, Maithilee Motlag, Lei Tong, Yaowu Hu,, Xinyu Huang, Arkamita Bandyopadhyay, Swapan K Pati, Lei Ye, Joseph Irudayaraj and Gary J. Cheng, Laser Shock Tuning Dynamic Interlayer Coupling in Graphene–Boron Nitride Moiré Superlattices  , Nano Letter 19, 283 - 291 (2019).

  57. Ramesh, P., Bharadwaj, S and Meheboob Alam, Suspension Taylor-Couette flow: coexistence of stationary and travelling waves, and the characteristics of Taylor vortices and spirals, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 870, 901 - 940 (2019).

  58. Van Dong Pham, Sukanya Ghosh, F Joucken, M Pelaez-Fernandez, V. Repain, C. Chacon, A. Bellec, Y. Girard, R. Sporken, S. Rousset, Y. J. Dappe, Shobhana Narasimhan and Jerome Lagoute, Selective Control of molecule charge state on graphene using tip-induced electric field and nitrogen doping, npj 2D Materials and Applications 3, 5 (2019).

  59. Nisha Mammen, L Spanu, E C Tyo, B Yang, A Halder, S Seifert, M J Pellin, S Vajda and Shobhana Narasimhan, Using First Principles Calculations to Interpret XANES Experiments: Extracting the Size Dependence of the (p,T) Phase Diagram of Sub-nanometer Cu Clusters in an O2 Environment, J Phys Cond Matt 31, 144002 (2019).

  60. Saurav C. Sarma, Vidyanshu Mishra, Vamseedhara Vemuri and Sebastian C Peter, “Sacrificial Protection in Action!”- Ultra-High Stability in Palladesite Mineral towards Oxygen Reduction Reaction, J. Mater. Chem. A 7, 979 - 984 (2019).

  61. Guillaume Fiquet, Chandrabhas Narayana, Christphe Bellin, Abhay Shukla, Imene Esteve, Arthur L. Ruoff, Gaston Garbarino and Mohamed Mezouar, Structural phase transitions in aluminium above 320 GPa, Comptes Rendus Geoscience 351, 243 - 252 (2019).

  62. Rajarshi Dasgupta, Shubhajit Das, Swapan K Pati and Shabana Khan, N-Heterocyclic Germylene and Stannylene Catalyzed Cyanosilylation and Hydroboration of Aldehydes, Organometallics 38, 1429 - 1435 (2019).

  63. Venkata M. Suresh, Papri Sutar, Parul Verma, Shubhajit Das, Swapan K Pati and Tapas Kumar Maji, Regulating Charge-Transfer in Conjugated Microporous Polymer for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution, Chem. Eur. J. 25, 3867 - 3874 (2019).

  64. Pallavi Kakade, Kasturi Mahadik, Kaustuv Sanyal, K N Balaji and Valakunja Nagaraja, Two negative regulators of biofilm development exhibit functional divergence in conferring virulence potential to Candida albicans, FEMS Yeast Research (2019). ,

     19: foy078

  65. Jiaul Hoque, Vikas Yadav, R G Prakash, Kaustuv Sanyal and Jayanta Haldar, Dual function polymer-silver nanocomposites for rapid killing of microbes and inhibiting biofilms, ACS Biomaterials Science and Bioengineering 5, 81 - 91 (2019).

  66. Rongali, R, Reddy, M H L and Meheboob Alam, Bulk Hydrodynamics and Rheology of Gravity-Driven Poiseuille Flow: A Comparative Study Between Maxwell Molecules and Hard Spheres, AIP Conf Proceedings (RGD) 2132, 180001 (2019).

  67. Meheboob Alam, Saha, S. and Gupta, R., Unified theory for a sheared gas-solid suspension: from rapid granular suspension to its small-Stokes-number limit, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 870, 1175 - 1193 (2019).

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