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  1. Ramesh, P. and Meheboob Alam, Bifurcation, flow-multiplicity and transport in the Taylor-vortex regime of a neutrally-buoyant suspension, (2020).

  2. Premakumar Yanda and A. Sundaresan, Magntism, magnetocaloric and magnetodielectric properties of DyVWO6: A new aeschynite type polar antiferromagnet, Mater. Res. Express (2020). In Press.

  3. Jenkins, J. T., Meheboob Alam and Berzi, D., Behavior of the pressure, shear stress, and normal stress differences with volume fraction in a dense, collisional, simple shearing flow of frictionless spheres, (2020).

  4. Subir K. Das, Koyel Das, Nalina Vadakkayil, Saikat Chakraborty and Subhajit Paul, Initial correlation dependence of aging in phase separating solid binary mixtures and ordering ferromagnets, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32, 184005 (2020).

  5. Aghor, P. and Meheboob Alam, Multi-roll transition, asymmetric vortices and the bifurcation structure in axisymmetric compressible Taylor-Couette flow of a dilute gas, (2020).

  6. Ananya Mishra, Divya B. Korlepara, S. Balasubramanian and Subi J. George, Bioinspired, ATP-Driven Co-operative Supramolecular Polymerization and its Pathway Dependence (weblink), Chemical Communications (2020). In Press.

  7. Ramesh, P. and Meheboob Alam, Interpenetrating spirals and other coexisting states in suspension Taylor-Couette flow, Physical Review Fluids (2020). ,


  8. Gopan, N. and Meheboob Alam, Symmetry-breaking bifurcations and hysteresis in compressible,dissipative Taylor-Couette flow: a molecular dynamics study, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2020). ,

     (to be revised)

  9. Reddy, M.H.L. and Meheboob Alam, Regularized extended-hydrodynamic equations for a rarefied granular gas and the plane shock waves, Physical Review Fluids (2020).

  10. Saha, S. and Meheboob Alam, Burnett-order constitutive relations,  second-moment anisotropy and  co-existing states in sheared dense gas-solid suspensions, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 887, (2020).

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