At undergraduate level:



Course Name Year Place
Thermal Physics 2008, 2009  Mysore Universitry
Statistical Mechanics and Kinetic theory 2010  Mysore Universitry
Electromagnetism 2010 JNCASR







At graduate level: 


Course Name Year Place

Advanced Solid State Physics

Solid  State Physics

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics (combined with Int.PhD, CPMU)





Advanced Condensed Matter Physics - Quantum Many Body Theory 2011 JNCASR
Statistical Mechanics 2010 JNCASR
Computational Methods 2009 JNCASR
Mathematical methods (combined with Int.PhD, CPMU) 2008 JNCASR
Computational Methods 2007 JNCASR
Mathematical Methods 2007 JNCASR
 Quantum Mechanics -II (Co-instructor) 2006 JNCASR




Outreach Activities



Aug 2012 - Instructor at Teachers Training Programme, CNR Hall of Science, JNCASR, Bangalore.

                     'Oscillations and Waves'

Aug 2012 - Instructor at  'Physics for students and teachers' program , CNR Hall of Science, JNCASR, Bangalore.

                     'Superconductivity: A mystery in physics'

Jan 2012 - UGC sponsored national seminar, DRM Science College, Davangere, Karnataka -

                    'Recent developments in superconductivity'

Sep 2011- KSTA sponsored workshop on condensed matter physics, Tumkur University, Karnataka -

                    'Physics of Strong Correlation'


Mar 2011 - UGC Seminar on Frontier areas of condensed matter physics, Dharwar University, Karnataka -

                    'Surprises in condensed matter physics: a never ending story.'

Nov 2010 - Kendirya Vidyalaya Hebbal, Bangalore, Karnataka.

                           'Graphene - A wonder material'

Oct 2010 - National workshop on electron dynamics in quantum systems, Vidyasagar University, Digha, Orissa.

                           'Quantum many body approaches to correlated electron systems'


Feb 2010 - Instructor at high school teachers training programme, IISc Bangalore, Karnataka.



Sep 2009 - Instructor at Vision group of Science - Refresher course for mathematics teachers, CNR Hall of Science, JNCASR, Bangalore.

                     'Complex Numbers'



Dec 2008 - Instructor at high school teachers training programme, Bijapur, Karnataka.

                     'Nuclear Physics'



Dec 2007 - Instructor at high school teachers training programme, Haveri, Karnataka.

                     'Nuclear Physics'


Sep 2007 - Lecture workshop in Statistical Thermodynamics, Mysore University, India.





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