Areas of recent interest:

Research themes and interests in Srikanth Sastry’s group in broadly the area of statistical mechanics, with a focus on understanding a range of unusual and interesting properties of liquids and other soft condensed matter, which are addressed with computation as a major tool. Some of the areas of research activity are:
  • Slow dynamics and routes to structural arrest (glass transition, gelation, jamming etc) in supercooled liquids and other soft matter systems (colloids, gels, granular material)
  • Mechanical properties of glasses and other amorphous solids, their yielding behaviour and memory effects. 
  • Routes to jamming in sphere packings and  geometric aspects of jammed packing.
  • Self assembly in soft matter.
  • Anomalous properties: liquid-liquid phase transition in  network forming liquids. 
  • Statistical mechanical  models of biological behaviour.

Other (ongoing and prospective) areas of interest include the study of self-assembly in soft matter, nucleation and phase transformations, soft glassy behaviour and memory in biological systems, water in contexts of biology, atmospheric science, environment and sustainability,   analysis of biomedical data, and materials modelling for sustainable energy applications.