Funded projects

a) JNCASR (2010-till date)

b) Ramanujan fellowship, Funded by DST (2010-2015)

c) Fast track for young scientist Funded by DST (2012-2015)

d) UGC-DAE consortium (2011-2015)

e) DST-SERB in Condensed Matter Physics, Funded by DST (2015-2018)

f) Sheikh Saqr laboratory, JNCASR (2014- till date)

g) DST-DAAD (2016-1017) with Prof. Barbara Albert, Technical Universitat Darmstadt

h) DST Nanomission (2016-2019)

i) Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

j) XRD Synchrotron beamline facility at Photon Factory, KEK, Japan (Funded by DST)

k) XAFS Synchrotron beamline at PETRA III (DESY, Germany), ESRF (France), APS (Chicago, US) (Funded by DST)

l) High Pressure synchrotron XRD at Elettra (Triesta, Italy) (Funded by DST)



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