Little bit about our work

Our research group is bound by a common theme, namely the study of daily rhythms – that are governed by circadian clocks. Our interests lie in understanding how evolutionary forces can alter clock properties at one level, while at another we are fascinated by how the nervous system modulates these rhythms. We use behavioural, genetic and molecular approaches to examine several questions related to rhythms in flies, mainly Drosophila melanogaster, while also engaging in a comparative study of other closely related species.

About us

JNCASR offers the opportunity to conduct research that would lead to a PhD or Master’s degree and if you are interested to know more about how to join us click here. In addition, we have a steady stream of visiting students, typically those who have already completed a Master's course at another institution. We also welcome undergraduates and Master's students through various fellowship programs such as JNCASR's flagship undergraduate research fellowship programme (JNC SRFP) and Project Oriented Biology Education programme (POBE) open to first year BSc students; Indian Academy of Sciences Summer fellowships (SRF) as well as Inspire and KVPY fellows. We also regularly reach out to undergraduate colleges and University Biology departments through talks and Symposia to disseminate our results to aspiring scientists and the public in general. Since January 2018 we have initiated an effort (that will hopefully be an annual event), InSearch - Inspiring research - a one-day Symposium presenting talks by scientists from across the country on a wide range of topics in Biology, with the goal of attracting young students towards a future in research.

LatesT News

Sheetal completes her PhD

Sheetal completed her PhD in 2018

Vishwanath succesfully defends his PhD thesis

Vishwanath completed his PhD in 2018.

Abhilash wins runner-up prize in SRBR chrono-video competition

Click to see the video.

Have any question regarding the lab?

Reach the lab at +080-2208-2580. Or email to Or visit us at the first floor of Neurosciences Unit, JNCASR.