Application are invited from Scientists working in Academic institution and S&T institutions in the country for financial support to avail the use of internationally established Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron scattering facilities for materials science research. The support will be given only for those proposals that have been officially accepted and allotted a beam time for experiment by the facilities. Further, the application will be evaluated by National Level Committee before making a final decision for sanctioning for financial support. Maximum 40 scientists-visit per year is permitted by DST, India. The application should includes a cover letter, copy of the proposal submitted to the facility to obtain beam time and the acceptance/allotment letter, which should be sent to the address below. Please mark your application in one of the following Five Categories, Namely:

  1. Powder diffraction or XAFS
  2. Signal-crystal diffraction, reflectivity or SAXS
  3. Electron spectroscopy or magnetism
  4. Inelastic scattering or correlation spectroscopy and
  5. any other.

The funds will be released as reimbursement after submission of bills (for details please see below) claim forms and the report or work carried out, which should be sent to the address below after the applicants complete the utilization of the beam time.  No funds will be released in advance.

Please send the application to the address mentioned below by only email.

The Program Coordinator
(Synchrotron and neutron facility project)
Synchrotron Project Office
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR),
Jakkur, Bengaluru – 560 064 INDIA
Email :

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