Financial Support

  1. The support will be given only for those proposals that have been officially allotted a beam time for experiment by the recognized facilities
  2. The support can be given for a maximum of two persons per approved proposal if the allocated beamtime is  less than 3 days (9 shifts of 8 hours each). The support can be given for a maximum of three persons per approved proposal if the allocated beamtime is for 3 days or more.
  3. Maximum number of days for which DA and Accommodation charge will be paid: 2 day before experiment + experimental days (not exceeding 8 days)+1 day after experiment.
  4. No funds will be released in advance
  5. Financial support includes:
    1. Air ticket-air tickets are to be booked in economy class by the shortest route by Air India (follow standard Govt. of India rule, i.e., Air India flight, ticketing directly from Air India booking counter/Website or Authorized Travel Agents (s))
    2. Accommodation-Hotel stay at facility or near the facility at actual not exceeding $75/day.
    3. Per diem DA (as per MEA norms, up to $100 per day minus 10% if breakfast is provided) for number of night stays in hotel at facility or near the facility for experiment.
    4. Visa fees
    5. Transit Medical Insurance
    6. Local conveyance from place of Residence/Office to the Airport and back (place of Origin)
    7. Local conveyance (return fare)  from synchrotron/neutron facility to nearest airport of destination at actuals not exceeding $100 (i.e. $50 + $50)

N. B.
Following are the essential criteria for availing support under “Financial assistance for Indian scientists to carry out  experiments at International synchrotron Radiation Facilities and Neutron Facilities for materials science research

1. Preference will be given to experiments having direct relevance to Nanoscience.

2. Before applying for the support for experiments under this program, researchers should declare that the proposed experiment  cannot be carried out under any of the preferential access program available for Indian scientists at the neutron/muon facility at RAL (UK) and in the synchrotron facilities at PF (Japan), ELETTRA (Italy) and Petra III (Germany).

3. Under this program, visits by only 40 scientists per year are permissible. In view of this, only one experimental visit per principal investigator and his/her group per year will be permitted through this program, unless there is at least one high-impact publication from previous visit in the same year.

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