Faculty Members

Das, Subir K.
Associate Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2961 / 2962
Email: dasATjncasrDOTacDOTin
My Group is interested in condensed matter systems, both at and away from equilibrium, to understand which we use analytical and numerical techniques of statistical mechanics. In this broad area, our recent focus has been in Phase Transition.....Read More...

Jain, Kavita
Associate Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2948 / 2967
Email: jainATjncasrDOTacDOTin
We are interested in statistical physics and probability theory, and their applications to interdisciplinary areas such as biological evolution. We address questions in these fields using analytical calculations and numerical simulations....Read More...

Narasimhan, Shobhana
Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2833 / 2835
Email: shobhanaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
In my Group, we use theoretical and computational techniques to examine how structural, mechanical, electronic, magnetic, and chemical properties change at the nanoscale. Some of the problems we work on have technological relevance for pressing problems....Read More...

Pati, Swapan
Professor and Chair, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2839 / 2903 / 2581 / 2624
Email: patiATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Our group works on magnetic and optical properties, charge transfer, electronic transport, catalysis, electrochemical cells and biological systems, all for application purposes.....Read More...

Prakash, Meher
Assistant Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2582
Email: meherATjncasrDOTacDOTin
My research focuses on using theory and molecular dynamic simulations to address biophysical problems, particularly related to allostery and disordered proteins......Read more...

Sastry, Srikanth
Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2838 / 2928
Email: sastryATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Structural relaxation, structural arrest (glass transition, jamming) in liquids and other soft matter. Glass forming ability, glassy rheology, mechanical properties of amorphous solids, nucleation, phase behaviour of silicon, water and other network forming substances, statistical mechanics of biomolecular systems.....Read More...

Sinha, K. B.
Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2997
Email: kbsATjncasrDOTacDOTin
The foundation of Quantum Mechanics has brought with it many new challenges to the mathematical community. It represents a whole new way of looking at spaces and functions as well as of assigning probabilities to hitherto non-compatible events.

Vidhyadhiraja N. S.
Associate Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2790
Email: rajaATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Materials for which a single-particle description of electronic properties fails, are classified as correlated electron systems. Interest in these materials derives from the wide range of phenomena they exhibit such as high temperature superconductivity in cuprates.....Read More...

Waghmare, Umesh V.
Professor, TSU
Phone:+91 80 2208 2842 / 2743
Email: waghmareATjncasrDOTacDOTin
Professor Waghmare’s work involves multi-scale modeling to connect first-principles quantum mechanical description of a material with its behavior at various time and length-scales......Read More...

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