Anjali Verma, PhD Student

I work on the functional characterization of the third NF-kB motif of HIV-1 subtype C LTR.


Arun Panchapakesan, PhD Student

I am aiming to answer the question as to why HIV-1 subtype C Reverse Transcriptase is different from the other subtypes and if it can grant the virus an evolutionary advantage.


Deepak Selvam, R & D Assistant

I work on HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAb).

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Malini Menon, PhD Student

I’m working to identify the functional significance of HIV-1 Tat Signature Amino acid Residues (SAR) .


Lakkappa G, Lab Attender

I do all the “behind the scenes” work of the lab such as autoclaving etc.

Lavanya Raju, Lab Manager

I take care of all the paperwork and ensure that the lab gets what it wants, when it wants.


Prabhu S A, PhD Student

My interest is to enhance CTL responses to one or more proteins of HIV-1 by applying diverse molecular engineering and immunization strategies with a special emphasis on understanding the mechanisms of elicitation of the immune responses.


Shilpee Sharma, PhD Student


Ria Mishra, R & D Assistant

HIV Vaccines is my area of research.


 I work on the elucidation of the role of HIV-1 subtype C gag in shaping the viral replication fitness.

Shambhu Prasad, R & D Assistant

I am developing a new strategy to generate infectious molecular clones of HIV.


Siddharth Singh, Integrated PhD Student

I am involved in the characterization of various monoclonal antibodies against different regions of Tat.


Sutanuka Das, PhD Student

I am trying to elucidate the significance of NFκB site polymorphism in HIV-1 subtype C viral promoter in the establishment and maintenance of viral latency. 


My project thesis is on the identification of the role of PTAP in ubiquitination of gag and its implication for viral budding



Surabhi Jirapure, Visiting Student                              

Sridhar N, Lab Attender

With Lakkappa, I work to make life easier for the lab by handling the autoclaving, washing along with many other jobs.