• I sit beside the fire and think

    Of all that I have seen

    Of meadow flowers and butterflies

    In summers that have been

  • Of yellow leaves and gossamer

    In autumns that there were

    With morning mist and silver sun

    And wind upon my hair

  • I sit beside the fire and think

    Of how the world will be

    When winter comes without a spring

    That I shall ever see

  • For still there are so many things

    That I have never seen

    In every wood in every spring

    There is a different green

  • I sit beside the fire and think

    Of people long ago

    And people that will see a world

    That I shall never know

  • But all the while I sit and think

    Of times there were before

    I listen for returning feet

    And voices at the door


Chronobiology @ JNCASR

The major focus of our lab is to develop a better understanding of the dynamics underlying evolution and functionality of circadian timing systems using Drosophila melanogaster as model system.

Our studies on Drosophila are primarily based on experimental evolution/laboratory selection methods supported by parallel studies on various mutants and using molecular/genetic tools available for Drosophila research.

Research in our lab integrates behavioral, evolutionary, sociobiological, physiological and genetic studies, augmented by molecular manipulations of genes to examine and understand properties of circadian systems. Training in fly handling and culture, Drosophila genetics, biostatistics, design of behavioral experiments and analysis, basic molecular biology and fly dissection techniques are part of the lab experience.

Lab Members