First Conference of

The Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-1)

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9 November 1 December, 2001


Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

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The Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science (ACCMS) has been set up to nurture and promote research and developmental activities in computational materials science in Asian countries. Computational materials science has emerged as a distinct multidisciplinary branch of science whose relevance and importance has come from (a) the desire to have a microscopic understanding of complex materials and phenomena, (b) the need to design novel materials with a desired combination of physical, chemical and metallurgical properties, and (c) the possibility to describe the basic inter-atomic interactions in materials via appropriate quantum mechanical and statistical mechanical tools. With the unprecedented growth of computer power (in terms of speed, memory etc.), and the developments of efficient and smart algorithms and codes, it is now possible to do large scale simulations of real materials with increasing complexity. A synergy amongst a wide variety of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, metallurgy, geology, biology, computer science and information technology is gradually coming to a reality due to advances in computer simulations.

Scientific program

The Conference is intended to bring together researchers in Asia who are actively involved in the developments of state-of-the-art simulation methodologies as well as applications to real materials at different length (from nanoscopic to macroscopic) and time (from pico-secs to secs) scales. The deliberations of the ACCMS -1 will cover topics such as density functional theory-based methods, Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations, tight-binding and effective medium approaches, order-N methods, mixed-basis methods, quasi-continuum approaches, quantum Monte Carlo, genetic algorithm, etc and their application to different materials.




Confirmed Invited speakers:

M. Ahmed (Bangladesh)

O.K. Andersen (Germany)

P. Bloechl (Germany)

C.T. Chan (China)

B.T. Cong (Vietnam)

I. Dasgupta (India)

K. Esfarjani (Iran)

T. Frauenheim (Germany)

S.K. Ghosh(India)

X.G. Gong (China)

X. Gonze (Belgium)

P. Jena (USA)

D.G. Kanhere (India)

Y. Kawazoe (Japan)

M. Kohyama (Japan)

P. Kratzer (Germany)


Y.H. Lee (Korea)

T.K. Lee (Taiwan)

R.M. Martin (USA)

A. Mookerjee(India)

D. Nguyen-Manh (UK)

T. Ohno (Japan)

Rahul Pandit (India)

C.H. Park (Korea )

M.R. Philpott (Singapore)

R. Prasad(India)

S. Ramasesha(India)

R.S. Rao(India)

M. Radny (Australia)

V.B. Shenoy (India)

Prabhakar P. Singh(India)

T. Saha-Dasgupta(India)

RB Tao(China)

N. Trivedi (India)

M. Tsukada (Japan)

R. Vetrivel(India)

D.S. Wang (China)


Publication of Proceedings

The proceedings of the Conference will be published in a special issue of Bulletin of Materials Science ( Participants giving oral/poster presentation should bring the manuscripts (with length up to 5000 words) in the required format at the time of the Conference. Articles will be refereed.


Accommodation will be arranged in guest houses and hotels as per the requirements of the participants subject to availability. Accommodation in a hotel will be at an extra cost to be borne by the participant. Indication of the type of accommodation should be given in the registration form.

Financial Support

Partial support may be offered on request, to a limited number of young participants below the age of 35 years. In addition, we will provide full support except for the waiver of registration fee to 25 student participants from India.


There will be prizes for the best poster presentations by young researchers.

Important Dead Lines

Receipt of registration form with request for accommodation 1 Nov 2001

Submission of manuscripts : 29 Nov 2001

Contact for information :

Dr. Umesh Waghmare and Dr. G. P. Das,

Joint Conveners, ACCMS - 1

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

Jakkur, Bangalore 560 064, INDIA

E-mail: Fax: +91-80-8462766 Tel: +91-80-8462750-7




International Advisory Committee

M. Ahmed Bangladesh

O.K. Andersen Germany

B. Belosludov Russia

R. Chidambaram India

R. Chitradorn Thailand

K.J. Chang South Korea

M. Doyama Japan

K. Esfarjani Iran

B.L. Gu China

P. Jena USA

Y. Kawazoe Japan

V. Kumar Japan

D. Nguyen-Manh UK

D. G. Pettifor UK

M.R. Philpott Singapore

C.N.R. Rao India

P. Rama Rao India

C. O. Rodriguez Argentina

R.B. Tao China

L.T. Wille USA


National Steering Committee

S. Banerjee (BARC)

G.P. Das (Jt. Convener) (BARC)

D.G. Kanhere (Pune)

A. Mookerjee (SNBNCBS)

S. Ranganathan (Chairman) (IISc)

S.K. Sikka (BARC)

S.V. Subramanyam (IISc)

U. Waghmare (Jt. Convener) (JNCASR)


Conference Organizing Committee

T.A. Abinandanan (IISc)

S. Balasubramanian (JNCASR)

C. Dasgupta (IISc)

P. Datta (IISc)

S. Narasimhan (JNCASR)

S. K. Pati (JNCASR)

S. Sastry (JNCASR)

R. Vetrivel (GE, India)

U. Waghmare (Convener)




Registration Form:

( online registration available: )


Dept, institute and mailing address:



Phone # Fax #

Accommodation needed for ACCMS-1 (dates and type: Hotel/Guest-house)

(hotel accommodation at extra cost, see web page for rates)

Payment of registration fee : by demand draft or electronic

For participants from abroad: : US$100

For participants from India: Rs 2000 Students from India Rs 500

(Rates for Indian delegates has been subsidized with the funding from government of India)

This includes conference literature, abstracts booklet and session tea/coffee expenses and lunch, but excludes accommodation charge.

(a) Demand draft or banker's cheque payable to: ACCMS- I, at Bangalore

  1. Electronic Transfer (details can also be found on the web):

Intermediary Bank: Swift Code: CHASUS33

Account with Insti: A/c No: 0011395969 of Canara Bank, Bangalore. Swift Code: CNRBINBBLFD

Beneficiary: A/c No. 19753 Name: ACCMS I Bank Branch: IISc, Bangalore

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