Fellowships & Extension Programmes

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all visiting programs (except visiting fellowship) have been under suspension.
We anticipate that during the summer of 2021, we will be able to revoke this suspension, and hence, we will be opening the application process for the other programs (SRFP, POCE, POBE, etc) by the end of January.

Please visit this webpage for updates.


In addition to pursuing research in various contemporary areas, the Centre also has several Science Outreach and Fellowship Programmes. One such activity is the Summer Research Fellowship Programme for young students. Around 2000 students have benefitted from this programme since it’s inception in 1990. Every year around 2000 applications are received, out of which 50-60 fellowships are offered. This is one of the highly acclaimed programmes of the Centre and the students are very appreciative of the benefits, enabling them to get inspired towards scientific research during early stage of their education.

Another initiative in promoting scientific research from undergraduate level we have initiated programmes in chemistry and biology to begin with. The Project Oriented Chemical Education (POCE) and the Project Oriented Biological Education Programme (POBE) have completed 11 and 9 years respectively. Ten meritorious students are selected from across the country for each of these programme. As part of this, students undertake work with faculty members of the Centre on small projects during their mid-semester breaks. They also attend special lectures and seminars at the Centre. On completion of their training which lasts for 3 summers, they are issued a Diploma certificate in Chemistry or Biology as the case may be.

Apart from these programmes, the Centre also offers Visiting Scientist Fellowships to research scientists in educational institutions and R & D laboratories, to work with the faculty and honorary faculty of the Centre. This program has been welcome by many young researchers as they are able to hone their skills or develop research laboratory in their parent establishment after undergoing a training and research in the Centre.

The Centre also organizes workshops for teachers and students of schools for popularizing science. The Centre, through Educational Technology Unit, is actively involved in the concept, production and development of multimedia CD-ROMs especially for school students and teachers in various disciplines of science. The content has also been developed in vernacular languages to science popularization programs in various parts of the country.



Outreach Activities carried-out by F&E Office:
Sl. No. Outreach programmes Participating Units
1 Summer Research Fellowships Programe (SRFP) All Units
2 Project Oriented Chemistry Education (POCE) CPMU, NCU and TSU
3 Project Oriented Biology Education (POBE) MBGU, EIBU and NSU
4 Visiting Fellowships (VFP) All Units
5 Student Buddy (SBP) All Units
6 Institutional Visits Programme (IVP) All Units
7 Graduate Research Internship Programme (GRIP) All Units

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Fellowships and Extension Programmes
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