Rahul Kumar pursuing Ph.D.

M. Sc. Physics: IIT Indore (2017- 19)

Joined: August, 2019

Research Area: Quantum magnetism

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Souvik Banerjee pursuing Ph.D.

M. Sc. (Physics): The University of Burdwan, West Bengal (2018-20)

Joined: September, 2020

Research Area: Superconductivity and Frustrated Magnetism

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Pavitra Nityanand Shanbhag pursuing Int. Ph.D. (Materials Science)

M. S. (Material Science): JNCASR, Bangalore (2014-17)

Joined: July, 2014

Research Area: High Pressure Synthesis, Magnetism and Multiferroics

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Swarnamayee Mishra pursuing Ph.D.

M. Sc. in Physics: College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar (2015-17)

Joined: August, 2017

Research Area: Synthesis & characterization of various inorganic oxide materials, which show properties like multiferroicity and  magnetoelectric behavior etc. and to understand the structure-property relationship.

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Debendra Prasad Panda pursuing Ph.D.

M. Sc. in Chemistry: Utkal University, Bhubneswar (2015-17)

Joined: August, 2018

Research Area: Development of Luminescent Materials 

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