Research Associates

Dr. Anzar Ali

Ph. D.  in Physics: IISER Mohali  (Supervisor: Dr. Yogesh Singh) (2014- 2020)

Thesis Title: A study of critical behavior and magnetocaloric effect in rare earth double perovskites, 3d-metal chromites, and ferromagnetic Weyl semimetals Co3Sn2S2

Joined: March, 2021

Research Areas:  

  1. Crystal growth of rare earth polar magnets
  2. Study of enhancement of superconductivity in intercalated chalcogenides
  3. Investigation of frustrated magnetic system

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Dr. Premakumar Yanda

Ph. D. in Material Sciences: JNCASR (Supervisor: Prof. A. Sundaresan)

Thesis title: Magneotelectric and Multiferroic Properties of Green Phases R2BaCuO5 and Aeschynites RFeWO6 (R = Rare earth)

Joined: August 2021

Research Interests: Magnetism, Multiferroics, and Quantum Materials

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Dr. Rajesh Tripathi

Phd In Physics: IIT Kanpur (2020)

Thesis Title: Griffiths phase and quantum criticality in heavy fermion system Ce(Cu1-xCox)2Ge2

Joined: September, 2020

Research Area: Novel phenomenon in strongly correlated electron systems, Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism, Disorder effect and Quantum Phase Transition

Dr. Ravi Shankar P N

Ph. D. in Material Sciences: JNCASR (Supervisor: Prof. A. Sundaresan)

Thesis title: High-Pressure Synthesis, Structure, and Multiferroic Properties of Doubly Ordered Perovskites and Other Polar Oxides

Joined: August 2021

Research Interests: Magnetism, Multiferroics, Superconductivity, and Quantum Materials

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