Graduate Research Internship Program

The "Graduate Research Internship Program" (GRIP), is designed for bright, B.E./B.Tech. or Masters in Science or MBBS students to carry out their final year research project work at JNCASR. The project work to be carried out should form part of the degree requirements. The duration of the project work will be for a semester or for an extended duration of up to 1 year depending upon the requirement for the award of degree. 

GRIP guidelines:

  1. The duration of the internship will be from six months to one year depending on the requirements of the degree and the project.
  2. While under normal circumstances, we envisage the application process to start in the month of March, this year (2021), we have been delayed due to Covid-19 and the programme is being launched in September. 
  3. The program is applicable for students who have just begun or are transitioning to the final year of B.E./B.Tech. or Masters in Science, Integrated M.Sc, B.S-M.S or MBBS. The eligibility criteria include a minimum score of 80 percent in the 12th standard.
  4. The selection process will be as follows. 
    • A list of the available projects is available for the applicants to browse (click here). 
    • Students will need to note the codes of three projects that are aligned with their interests. 
    • For a given project, one student will be selected among all the applications corresponding to a given project. 
    • The final selection will be based on the academic merit of the student (as relevant to the project) and two letters of reference (template can be downloaded here).
  5. Students selected for the program will be required to submit an undertaking (as a part of the application) stating that none of the research carried out at JNCASR will be published or patented independently and the faculty member hosting that specific project at JNCASR will be consulted regarding the outcome of the research.
  6. Selected students, in coordination with the respective faculty members, will have the flexibility to choose the mode of the project (online/offline) and the starting and ending dates. 
  7. Rs. 5,000/- will be charged as fees for the internship.
  8. Accommodation within the campus is currently unavailable due to Covid restrictions.
    However, we expect to be able to accommodate the interns in one of the hostels of the centre in the near future. And when available, boarding and lodging will be provided on a chargeable basis. We also have a small database of private residential facilities close to the campus, and the selected students will be given access to this database. 
  9. Medical facilities offered by Dhanvanthari (Health Centre, JNCASR) may be availed by the students, but medicines, tests, and hospitalization will not be covered by JNCASR. 
  10. Students are advised to take an appropriate medical insurance policy to cover unforeseen circumstances.