n → π* अंतर्क्रिया को समझना

n → π* अंतर्क्रिया को समझना

n → π* is an important noncovalent interaction found in many small molecules and proteins. In recent years, importance of n → π* interaction was described in transition metal carbonyl complexes, dynamic covalent chemistry (DCC), transition state stabilization, enzyme catalysis and molecular rotors. Different heteroatoms including oxygen atoms (O) of carbonyl groups and ethers, nitrogen atoms (N) of amines and pyridine, sulfur atoms (S) of disulfides and thioethers as well as halogen atoms (F, Cl, Br and I) were reported as electron donors in the n → π* interactions. We aim to design small molecules and peptidomimetic systems of specific conformation via the strategic incorporation of n → π* interactions and in the process understand and discover their novel roles.

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