कार्बनिक फास्फोरस

कार्बनिक फास्फोरस

Triplet harvesting of organic chromophores is considered as the most viable way to improve the efficiency of organic light emitting materials, though the stabilization of organic triplets under ambient conditions is difficult due to oxygen and vibrational quenching. Supramolecular approaches developed by our group lead to remarkable stabilization of triplets even in aqueous environments enabling applications in imaging and humidity sensors. Further we demonstrated a unique energy transfer from the triplets of these long-lived organic phosphors to the singlet energy levels of commercially available fluorescent dyes. This strategy provides a new mechanism to achieve unprecedented fluorescence afterglow, with potential application in indoor lighting and as cool. Further our group has pioneered the research in thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) molecules in India, which is considered as the most efficient strategy to harvest triplets.


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