Congratulations to Debabrata for his paper published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental!!

In this work we elucidate real-time mechanistic insights into the promotional effect of Ni substitution on the bifunctional overall water splitting (OWS) activity of molybdenum and tungsten carbides (Ni-MoC/WC@NGC) supported on N-doped graphitic carbon (NGC). Ni substitution yields multi-fold improvement in OWS over the pristine systems that are comparable to commercial Pt/C for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and better than IrO2 for oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Ni-MoC@NGC champions in HER activity exhibiting an onset overpotential of 65 mV and current density of 140 mA/cm2 at −370 mV (v RHE) in acidic media. An H2O electrolyzer constructed with Ni-MoC@NGC shows a comparable cell voltage to the PtǁIrO2 pair and could split water aided by 1.5 V AAA commercial battery. First principle calculations and in-situ probing through quick-XAS during electrochemical processes provide valuable insights into how the adsorption energies of intermediates and reaction kinetics are modulated at different catalytic sites with the promotional electronic effect of Ni.

BREATHE's Technology grabs National Award 2021

Technologies that create new economic opportunities by utilisation of Carbon emissions hold promise for addressing the challenges of climate change. BREATHE's technology on CO2 Utilization grabbed the National Award 2021 from the Technology Development Board (TDB) in Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India with 15 Lakhs cash prize and trophy. This award is to the technology start-ups for promising new technology with potential for commercialization.