Molecular and physiological basis of behavioural/cognitive defects in Neurodevelopmental disorders (05 – 08 January 2022)

Cognitive deficits in neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) are a significant health burden worldwide. Mechanistic understanding of developmental defects of neural circuitry from system to molecular level is limited. The elucidation of genetic or epigenetic factors modulating the establishment of functional neural circuits during critical periods and their impact on cognitive function has shed significant insights into the causal relationship of behavioural deficits associated with NDD. The seamless integration of molecular knowledge with systems- and cognitive- level analyses is the 'need of the hour' to associate mechanisms of circuit-specific developmental deficits with cognitive outcome linked to NDD. This meeting will bring together the leading experts who are working on various aspects of the NDD to discuss recent advancement in the field. This EMBO Workshop will create a platform for young neuroscientists including postdoctoral fellows and graduate students who wish to pursue their research in this emerging field. This EMBO Workshop will particularly enable postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to present their research in front of leading experts and learn about challenges in the field through an informal, yet an intense discussion with invited speakers.