As health is of paramount importance, Centre has set up gymnasium facilities with modern equipment and gears for both students and residential staff members. The purpose is to provide the members with facilities which can aid them in overcoming stress related to work, anxiety, lifestyle diseases etc. Gym located at the student residence helps students to do their work-out without requiring them to move out of the hostel. A qualified Gyms Instructor is positioned there to help students to carry out the fitness drill in correct manner. Hostel gym has two wings:-

a) Cardiac section has has three Treadmills, one ellitptical cross trainer and one Rower.

b) Multi gym room consists of Ten station multi gym, Power tower, bench press, Multi putpose bench press, Twister, Ab Rollers, Dumbells from 1.5 kg to 25 kg, Steel weight plates and rods, with Music system and RO water facility.

Gym for the staff members is located at the residential area and caters to all categories of staff members at the Centre. Facilities inside campus Gym includes Treadmill, Elliptical Cross Trainer, 4 station Multigym and dumbels of 1kg, 2.5 kg and 5 kg.