Theoretical Sciences Unit's Silver Jubilee Colloquium


Speaker: Prof.  Leticia Cugliandolo Affiliation: Sorbonne University, Paris Date:  29th November 2021(Monday)

Time: 03:30 PM Venue: Online meeting

Meeting Link:

Title : (Non equilibrium) thermodynamics of classical integrable models in their thermodynamic limit


Motivated by recent experimental developments in atomic physics, a large theoretical effort has been devoted to the analysis of the dynamics of quantum isolated systems after a sudden quench. In this talk I will describe the evolution of a family of classical many-body integrable (Neumann) models after instantaneous quenches of the same kind. The asymptotic dynamics of these models can be fully elucidated, and the stationary properties (in the thermodynamic limit) compared to the ones obtained exactly using a Generalised Gibbs Ensemble. The latter can not only be built but also used to evaluate analytically all relevant observables, a quite remarkable fact for an interacting integrable system with a non-trivial phase diagram.