Theoretical Sciences Unit's Silver Jubilee Colloquium


Speaker: Professor Nikolay Brilliantov 

Affiliation: Skoltech, Moscow & Department of Math, University of Leicester Date:  24th January (Monday)

Time: 04:30 PM Venue: Online meeting -- google meet link:


Title : Puzzles and surprises in aggregation-fragmentation kinetics


Abstract: We report our recent results in the aggregation-fragmentation kinetics.  We start from the conventional Smoluchowski equations

that describe aggregation kinetics and consider generalization of these equations. Firstly, we extend these equations to take into account

fragmentation and then we consider more general concepts of temperature-dependent Smoluchowski equations. In the latter equations,

the aggregation rates depend on partial temperatures of different species (clusters), which in their turn obey the set of equations, similar to

Smoluchowski equations [1]. We discuss the application of the theory to the size distribution of particles in Saturn Rings [2] and such astonishing

phenomena like concentration oscillations [3], first and second-order phase transitions in the aggregation-fragmentation kinetics, jamming

and supercluster states [4]. For the temperature-dependent Smoluchowski equations we discuss the surprising effects of quasi-gelling and

permanent temperature growth of the system.   

[1] N. Brilliantov, T. Poeschel, and A. Formella,  Nat. Comm., 9 (2018) 797. 

[2] N.V. Brilliantov, et al., PNAS, 112 (2015) 9536-9541. 

[3] S. A. Matveev, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 119 (2017) 260601. 

[4] N. Brilliantov, W. Otieno, and P. Krapivsky, Phys. Rev. Lett., 126 (2021) 250602.