Theoretical Sciences Unit Seminar

Kanada Auditorium

Theoretical Sciences Unit Seminar on 06th May 2022 (Friday).

Speaker: Dr. Priyanka

Affiliation:  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Date and Time:  06th May 2022 (Friday) Time: 2:30 PM Tea/Coffee: 2:15 PM

Venue: Kanada Auditorium, JNCASR

Title:  Understanding the control process for non-equilibrium systems using scaling theory


Control theory is a widely used tool in engineering to develop controlled, stable models of dynamical systems. The control of deterministic models has been extensively studied; however, studies on the control of non-equilibrium systems are less explored due to the presence of non-linearity and noise. I will focus on understanding the effect of both linear and non-linear control processes on the intrinsic dynamics as well as stationary properties of non-equilibrium systems. In particular, I will discuss the control of the following two systems: a) surface roughness in the KPZ growth process, and b) the dynamical sta​tes in a network model. In the KPZ growth process, control is achieved by manipulating a subset of Fourier modes, whereas, in the dynamical network, a metastable state is controlled using a closed feedback loop. In both cases, the control process limits the time and length scales within which the system behaves according to its intrinsic stochastic dynamics. These time and length scales show scaling behavior with the control parameter, and the associated scaling exponents are related to those of the unperturbed model.

Prof. Kavita Jain