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Advertisement for the Position of Research Associate: NCU-EMR-65

Advertisement for the Position of Research Associate in the lab of Prof. T. Govindaraju.

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Research Associate

Candidates  should have Ph.D with atleast 1-2 years of Post-Doctoral experience working in Microhydrodynamics and an established publication record in the field.

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Openings available for one Junior Research Fellow (JRF) and a Research Associate (RA) under Prof. Ganesh Subramanian, Engineering Mechanics Unit, JNCASR

Applications are invited for a pair of openings, one for a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) and one for a Research Associate (RA), to work on an SERB-sponsored project titled 'Anisotropic particles in viscoelastic shearing flows'. The starting date is July 1st, 2022, and interested candidates may sent their CV, with relevant publications, to

Applicants must preferably have an established track record of research in micro-hydrodynamics with publications in flagship fluid mechanics and/or Physics journals. The applicant for the Research Associate position must have done his doctoral work, with a primarily theoretical focus, in fluid mechanics or a closed related discipline, with subsequent post-doctoral experience in theoretical microhydrodynamics. In the absence of a suitable candidate for the RA position, alternate candidates with appropriately reduced qualifications may be considered.

The work involves analyzing the orientation dynamics of anisotropic particles (spheroids), and the implications of the dynamics towards the rheology in homogeneous shearing flows, and towards shear-induced migration in bounded inhomogeneous shearing flows. The work will be highly theoretical, requiring extensive use of a spheroidal harmonics framework together with a matched asymptotic expansions approach.

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Post-doctoral Fellowship

Candidates who have obtained their PhD in the last 1-2 years and are keen to carry out research exploring biological mechanisms underlying neurological disorders are encouraged to apply (Email: Suitable candidates will be invited to visit and give a seminar in the laboratory.