Title Student Degree Thesis Title Year
Deepti Ramachandran POBE student 2007-08
P K Raju Pedabaliyarasimhuni Ph.D

Connecting the paralogs: contribution of EFHC1 and EFHC2 in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

Promit Ganguly Project fellow 2018-19
Shweta Project fellow 2006-06
Shweta Project fellow 2006-06
A. Rammurthy Postdoctoral fellow 2019
Abhijit Das Project fellow 2017-19
Abhishek Baghela Postdoctoral Fellows 2011-2013
Anjali Verma Ph.D.

Functional characterization of a subtype specific NF-kB motif in HIV-1C viral promoter and its association with the proximal and subtype specific Sp1 site

Arti Dumbrepatil Postdoctoral Fellows 2012-2015
Ashish Kapoor Ph.D

Studies on molecular genetic aspects of idiopathic generalized epilepsies

Asif Bakshi Project fellow 2013-15
Bhagya C T Project fellow 2017-18
Debosree Pal Ph. D 2019
Deepti Jain Postdoctoral Fellows 2009-2010
Dr. Amit Kumar Behera Ph.D

“Regulation of Expression and Function of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 4 (PRMT4/CARM1): Implication in differentiation and Disease”

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Dr. Arnab Bose Ph.D

”The Role of Aurora Kinases at the Crossroads of Cancer and Differentiation”

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Dr. Chandrima Das Ph.D

“Functional Mechanisms of Human Transcriptional Coactivator PC4, a Bona Fide Nonhistone Component of chromatin”

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Dr. Jayasha Shandilya Ph.D

“Post Translational Modifications Regulate Multifunctional Nucleolar Protein NPM1: Implications in oral cancer Manifestation”

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Dr. Kiran Batta Ph.D

“Functional Cooperativity of Tumor suppressor p53 and Transcriptional coativator PC4:Transcription to repair”

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Dr. Mohammed Arif Ph.D

“Molecular Mechanisms of Inhibition of Histone Acetyltransferases: Implications in Antineoplastic Therapy”


Dr. Pallabi Mustafi Ph.D

"Understanding the Role of Post-translational Modifications of Human Non-histone

Chromatin Protein PC4 ''

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Dr. Pradeepa M. M. Ph. D 2009
Dr. Ruthrotha Selvi B Ph.D

“Chromatin modifications by CARM1/PRMT4 and p300/KAT3B in the regulation of gene expression, probed by specific small molecule inhibitors”

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Dr. Shrikanth Gadad Ph.D

“Modulation of Human Histone Chaperone Nucleophosmin (NPM1) Functions by its Interacting Partners: Implications in Chromatin Dynamics and Transcription”

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Dr. Sourav Banerjee Ph.D

“Regulation of p53 Function by Nonhistone Chromosomal Protiens HMGB-1 and PC4”

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Dr. Stephanie kaypee Ph.D

"Mechanism Insights into the Substrate-Mediated Regulation of p300 Autoacetylation: Implications in Tumor Suppressor/Oncogene Function"

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Dr. Suchismita Dey Ph.D

“Role of Nucleoplasmin Family of Histone Chaperones, NPM1 and NPM2, in the regulation of Transcription”

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Dr. Sujata Kumari Ph.D

“Chromatin associated protein, PC4 in genome organization and breast cancer manifestation”

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Dr. Swaminathan Venkatesh Ph.D

“Regulation of Acetylation- Dependent Chromatin transcription by Human Nucleophosmin, a Histone Chaperone”

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Dr. Sweta Sikder Ph.D

“Role of Non-histone Chromatin Protein PC4 in regulation of Autophagy and Tumorigenesis”

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Dr.Amrutha Swaminathan Ph.D

“Chromatin Organisation in Differentiation and Development: Role of chromatin-associated protein, PC4 and histone modifications”

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Dr.Dhanasekaran Karthigeyan Ph.D

“Aurora Kinases Beyond Centrosomes: Role of Transcription Factor's Phosphorylation in Gene Expression and Cell Cycle.”

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Dr.Parijat Senapati Ph.D

“Understanding the mechanisms and gene targets of histone chaperone NPM1 mediated transcriptional regulation”

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G. Aparna Ph.D

Studies on molecular genetic aspects of nonsyndromic hereditary hearing loss

Gautam Chatterjee Ph.D. 2014
Hemanta Sarmah POBE student 2011-12
Hima Bindu Project fellow 2012-12
Jinal Shukla Project fellow 2007-08
Jitendra Thakur Ph.D. 2011
Kalpita Rashmi Karan Ph.D

Identification of genetic loci and mutations in SLC1A1 for a sensory epilepsy triggered by touch and temperature stimuli

Krishnendu Guin Ph.D. 2020
Lakshmi Sreekumar Ph.D. 2019
Laxmi Shanker Rai Ph.D. 2014
M. Ram Shankar Ph.D

Molecular genetic aspects of non-syndromic hearing loss in India

Mahesh Bachu Ph.D.

Role of NF-kB binding sites in the viral enhancer of HIV-1C promoter in shaping the viral replicative fitness

Malini Menon Ph.D.

Funcitonal Significance of HIV-1 Tat signature amino acid residues(SAR)

Mangai Asokan Ph.D.

Safety, efficacy and immunological evaluation of a polyherbal formulation against HIV-AIDS in an open-label clinical trial

Manpreet Kaur Ph.D

Prospective causal genes for genetic generalized epilepsy

Mohammad Abdus Shakur POBE student 2018-19
Museer Ahmed Lone Project fellow 2006-2007
Nagadenahalli B Siddappa Ph.D.




Neha Varshney Ph.D. 2018
Ninadini Sharma POBE student 2015-16
Nishtha Pandey Ph.D

On genetic aspects of non-syndromic hearing loss

Parijat Bandhopadhyay Project fellow 2014-15
Prabhu S A Ph.D.

Evaluation of the efficacy of needle-free intradermal immunization of DNA vectors and recombinant proteins: Implications for optimization of the needle-free technology

Prasanta Kumar Dash Ph.D. 2007
Priti Rai Project fellow 2017-17
R. Ratnapriya Ph.D

Identification of genetic loci for human epilepsies

Radha Mishra Project fellow 2015-17
Ramesh Gadi Project fellow 2009-10
Rima Singha Ph.D. 2020
Rituparna Mondal Project fellow 2008-08
Shalini Roy Choudhury Ph.D

On genetic aspects of hot water epilepsy, a sensory epilepsy triggered by touch and temperature stimuli

Shilpee Sharma Ph.D.

Elucidation of HIV-1 subtype C genetic diversity in Gag and Tat from the clinical cohorts of India: the PTAP motif duplication in p6 Gag confers replication fitness on subtype C

Shlini Project fellow 2005-06
Shreyas Sridhar Ph.D. 2020
Sreedevi Padmanabhan Project fellow 2006-08
Sreyoshi Mitra Ph.D. 2014
Sundar Ram Sankaranarayanan Ph.D. 2020
Sutanuka Chakraborty Ph.D.

Synergy between enhanced transcriptional strength of the viral promoter and the Tat - autoregulatory circuit accelerates latency establishment in HIV-1C 

Tanmoy Chakraborty Project fellow 2011-13
Uttara Chakraborty Postdoctoral Fellows 2008-2013
Venkatesh P Kashi Ph.D. 2010
Vijay Suresh Akhade Ph. D 2015
Vikas Yadav Ph.D. 2017
Vikram Naik Project fellow 2008-10
Vishram Terse POBE student 2010-11
Yogitha Thattikota Project fellow 2008-11