Title Student Degree Thesis Title Year
Venkateswarlu Yarlagadda PhD

Semi-synthetic Glycopeptide Antibiotics: Strategies to Combat Acquired and Intrinsic Bacterial Resistance

Avijit Saha Ph.D student
Chandradhish Ghosh PhD

Development of L-lysine-based Small Molecules as Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Agents

Divakara SSM Uppu PhD

Bacterial Membrane-targeting Cationic-amphiphilic Polymers that Combat Antibiotic Resistance and Neutralize Endotoxins

Dr Y. V. Susheela Ph.D.

Development of small molecular Probes to target canonical and non-canonical DNA conformations

Dr. Debabrata Maity Ph.D.

Development of Novel Molecular Probes for Metal Ions and Small Biomolecules


Current Position: New York University, New York, USA, Prof. Andrew Hamilton group.

Dr. Kolla Rajasekhar Ph.D.

Design, Synthesis and Study of Molecular Probes for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications in Alzheimer's Disease


Current Position: Postdoctoral Scholar at EPFL


Dr. Shivaprasad Manchineela Ph.D.

Cyclic Dipeptide and Silk Fibroin based (Bio)materials and their Applications


Current Position: Scientist, United State Pharmocopia, Hyderbad

G Krishnamurthy Grandhi Ph.D student

Optically Active Dopants to Understand the Bulk and Surface Electronic Structures of II-VI Semiconductor Quantum Dots and their Heterostructures

Jiaul Hoque PhD

Charged Polymers and Hydrogels as Antimicrobial Coatings for Prevention of Infections

Mohini Mohan Konai PhD

Amino Acid Based Lipidated Molecules to Tackle Bacterial Infections and Resistance

Mr. Nirmal Jose PGDMS

Exploration of aqueous electrolytes based on binary zinc salts for rechargeable zinc-manganese oxide batteries



Sowmeya S PGDMS student
Subhashri Mannar PGDMS student